When did you stop dreaming?

If you knew that you could have anything you could dream, what would you dream? What is the biggest dream you have?

Some of you have forgotten how to dream and if this is you, I want you to think about why you don’t dream. Or if you do dream, why you don’t dream big. What is it that you’re worried about? What will happen if you dream big?

Will you feel selfish? Will you feel like people will think you’re a dreamer? Are you worried about disappointing yourself? Are you worried about feeling like a failure if you don’t achieve it?

If you’re feeling any one of these things, you’re not allowing the space for your dreams to grow and to thrive. You’re choking off their life before they even have a chance to take root in your heart.

What is like for you when you choke the life out of your dreams? How do you act? What do you do instead of dreaming about what you want?

How do you feel about yourself? About your life? About your future? Do you resent those around you or anything that is keeping you from your dreams? Do you feel cheated?

Imagine what it might be like if you had complete freedom to dream, to want what you want, without apology, without fear, without judgment. Just dream as big as you want, just imagine all the amazing possibilities.

If you dream big, even if you only achieve a fraction of what you dreamed about, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Wouldn’t that be so much greater than not dreaming at all?

What if you don’t have to feel disappointed, or worried or like a failure?

What if dreaming in and of itself could feel amazing?

What if who you become on the way to chasing that dream is simply amazing?

What if on the journey to your dreams you get to know a version of you that you didn’t even know existed and what if she is an even more phenomenal human being than the current version of you? Wouldn’t it be so much fun to get to know her!

I want you to do me a big favor — I want you to do yourself a big favor. Think about the dream you’ve always wanted to make come true. Then think about the person that makes that dream come true. Describe her as if you’re introducing her to me for the first time. Then send it to me at MoreMoneyCents@gmail.com and tell me about the dream she has in her heart. ♥️ 💜 💙 

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