What would you do if you got the answers to all your prayers?

What are you praying for?

What will you do when your prayers are answered?

I remember when I worked in corporate. The last couple of years of my career, after years of working in various roles in accounting, finance, reporting and analysis, I was burned out and miserable.

I prayed for God to reveal a meaningful purpose for my life. I prayed for a new job where I felt rewarded and fulfilled, where I could feel like I was making a difference and I enjoyed the work I was doing.

It felt like it took forever. Finally, in 2018, He did lead me on that journey that I had prayed for. I didn’t understand where He was leading me as I was following Him down that path, but He led me to so much MORE than I could ever imagine.

I had prayed for a new job, but He gave me to a NEW LIFE.

And in my new life, I now help other women find MORE.
MORE time
MORE energy
MORE abundance
MORE richness
MORE power
MORE impact
And yes, MORE money.

You already have all the power and resources you need in order to succeed. This was true for me and this is true for the clients I coach on Money Mindset.

All I do for my clients is help them learn how to access what they need when they need it. I do this by detecting and exposing Money Lies keeping them from the Million Dollar version of themselves they were meant to become.

What am I praying for?

  • For the strength, the wisdom and the courage to keep following the path where He’s leading me.
  • For my clients to tap into what they need to follow their own path.
  • For other coaches like my clients and me to step into their power and the impact they’re capable of having on the world.

What are your clients praying for? How will you become the answer to their prayers?

I can help you be prepared to receive the answers to all your prayers. I can help you see where you’re limiting yourself and your business because of Money Lies you’ve believed.

Just book a FREE MONEY Makeover!

We’ll brainstorm together on how you can go from small and restricted to committed and powerful in your business, so you can sign MORE clients, impact MORE people and make MORE money doing what you’re made for.

Because YOU are MADE for MORE!