What Tools Do You Use to Overcome Challenges?

Every day has its own challenges. We each must find the tools that help us overcome our unique challenges.
Just because I’m a life coach doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle. I’m a professional coach and one of my highest priorities is to coach myself every day. My brain is a very powerful machine and it is highly efficient. It offers me the thoughts it wants me to believe because those are the thoughts that serve its purposes. My brain’s purposes may be much different from what I need to pursue my life purpose and that’s why I need to manage it. It’s not an easy job but I do have all the tools I need.
These are the tools I use:
  • Tools from my life coach, and related, training
  • Faith and trust that I have in my AWESOME Creator and in His Word
  • Prayer, communication and relationship with my heavenly Father
  • Support from my family, friends and church
  • Confidence in my worth as a child of God and in His gift of salvation
  • Daily work on my thinking

These tools allow me to continue to show up authentically, living out the characteristics of my true nature. They allow me to accept the world as it is, knowing and trusting that all things work together for my good and that God is always in control. They allow me to deal with disappointment, frustration, anger, identify the cause of my negative emotions, process them and accept the circumstances/the reality that triggered them. They allow me to accept the gift of peace that comes from not trying to change reality or negative things/emotions that come at me from time to time.
These are the tools that I have used to stop overspending and examine my thinking about money that was holding me back. These are the same tools that I teach my clients to overcome their money issues and move toward financial confidence and success.
And these are the tools that I can share with you to drive your financial confidence and success. Find out more. Email me at MoreMoneyCents@gmail.com to schedule your free money coaching session.