What problems are you tired of solving?

Are you good at math?

Even if you’re not good at math, I guarantee that you are good at solving problems.

Here’s another example of “if you give your brain a problem, your brain will solve the problem for you”.

If you have money stories you’ve worked through that continue to surface, you are not broken. You are human. You are normal.

Just like you continue to have certain bills that come up every month, nothing has gone wrong. Yes, you paid the electric bill last month. And now you have to pay the electric bill again. Yes, you paid the phone bill last month. And you continue to use your phone and need to continue to pay the bill.

Yes, you used your brain last month and in order to continue using it you need to continue to pay the bill. You need to continue to manage your mind.

Think about when you first learned how to do math.
You didn’t know that 2 + 2 = 4 the first time you had to solve the problem of 2 + 2.
You had to calculate it.
You had to count it out on your fingers. You had to do that a number of times, until finally, you just remembered the answer from all the other times that you calculated it.

2 + 2 = 4 every time you calculated it, so your brain stored the answer for you.

2 + 2 was never anything but 4.

You didn’t get frustrated when the problem resurfaced. You got excited because you thought, “Ooh, I know the answer to this one. It’s 4.”

You were proud of yourself.

When you have a thought that resurfaces, when you have a problem that you’ve solved before that comes back up, you don’t have to get frustrated that the problem keeps returning like a boomerang (check out my podcast on Boomerang Thoughts).

You can be excited that you already know the answer.

When problems like “I’m not enough” or “I don’t have enough [FILL IN THE BLANK]” or “I’m not doing it right” come up again and again, you don’t have to keep calculating it. You don’t have to solve the problem again. You don’t have to get frustrated that it keeps coming up. You don’t have to solve the problem like it’s a brand new problem every time it comes up.
You’ve already solved it. You know the answer. Because it’s the same answer every single time. You can just remember the answer and be proud that you know the answer.  AND BE PROUD that you already know the answer!

What’s the PROBLEM that you’re tired of solving?

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