What is Your Wealth Potential?

Jill Wright, Financial Confidence Coach

Your potential for wealth is limited only by your thinking.
Your potential for wealth is not about your income or your spending. Your current state of wealth is a result of your past income and your past spending, but your potential for wealth is about your attitude – your thinking.
Think about your answers to these questions. Your answers will clue you in to your thinking about wealth and awareness of your thinking is the first step toward changing your potential for wealth and your future state of wealth. Answer these personally for you – not for anyone else or in general – but answer them specific to you and your life.
– What is wealth?
– What is your potential for wealth?
– How much money can you earn?
– What impacts how much money you can earn?
– What can you do to increase this amount?
– What is outside of your control?
– How do you feel about people with wealth? Why?
– How do you feel about spending money?
– How much time do you spend each month managing your money (i.e. drafting your budget, paying bills, recording expenses, investing, etc.)?
Here’s a thought – I didn’t originate this thought, but I do believe it.
What you focus on is what you get more of.
Think about a cheetah: Do you think a cheetah stalking its prey is thinking about anything other than his prey? The cheetah is not ignoring its prey hoping that it will just fall down dead in front of him. The cheetah is focused on the task at hand, on what he wants to achieve.
If I focus on the negative, you get more negative results. If I focus on positive results, you get more positive results. If I focus on my past failures with money, I get more failures with money, but if I focus on learning habits of people that succeed with money, I get more habits of people that succeed with money.
What are you focusing on?
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