What is your top need? It might not be what you think it is.


My Top need is certainty.
I would have never guessed that. But that’s what my coach helped me discover. I was shocked!

I have always thought of myself as pretty adaptable, open to anything that came my way. I’ve never been one of those people that were afraid to move to another city. Always up for a challenge of something new.

But there it was. I wanted certainty in my business and I was feeling unprepared for the clients that would be coming to me. The only problem is I wasn’t showing up to try to get those clients BECAUSE I was feeling unprepared. I never saw that I was thinking that. That’s the value of a coach. And boy am I grateful for mine.
I realized that I wanted certainty, so I needed to give it to myself. I needed to cross my t’s and dot my i’s. I knew that it wouldn’t be fun, but I knew that I could do it anyway.
Perhaps this is you – you don’t feel prepared to handle your money. Maybe your ex always handled the money or maybe you have handled money in the past, but didn’t do a great job of it.
How can you feel more prepared? Is it by avoiding it? Is it by doing the bare minimum – just getting the bills paid? Or can you feel more prepared by having an emergency fund to draw on? By having extra funds for the large expenses that might come up in the next 12-24 months (replace car or large appliances or large household maintenance needs, health care expenses, etc.)? By preparing for retirement?
I know that this might not be fun for you, but is worrying and stressing about your money every day, every week, every month fun?

If you want freedom, you have to cross the bridge of doing it anyway.

You want me to give you an easy answer, but what if there is no easy answer? What if you  are the one that makes the answer easy?
It might not be fun to budget or track your spending or to save money. It might be more fun to just not pay attention to your finances and to spend money without thinking about it.
I get it. I am no different from you.
Except that I figured out that I still didn’t feel good when I spent the money.
I still felt stressed. I still worried about money. I still didn’t feel prepared to deal with my financial future.
What I realized is if I was going to feel like crap either way, I would rather have something to show for it. So I did the work.

 If you want to feel secure, you might have to do the work to get there.

Which do you want more?
Do you want to stop stressing about money?
Do you want financial freedom?
Do you want security?

What if none of those things are fun? Can you still cross that bridge to reach the other side? Can you be open to the possibility that you can make those things fun if that’s what you really want? Will you be open to adjusting your thinking so that you can work toward being more prepared for your future?

You will experience freedom much more quickly and easily when you are open to the possibilities in front of you and when you’re open to doing the work to get there.

I didn’t like budgeting and tracking my spending or saving money either. I didn’t think it was fun – and certainly not as much fun as spending.

But if I can do this work, you can too.

Let me know when you’re ready and we can do it together.

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