What is the greatest motivator to grow your business? I can tell you what it’s not.

It’s NOT money.

What motivates you to grow your business?

What shuts you down?

Money is not the greatest motivator.

Especially when you don’t have a strong, healthy relationship with money.

Not only does it not motivate you, it sabotages you.

You don’t make more money when you don’t trust yourself to handle what you already have. Even when you do make money, it scares the crap out of you. What if you lose it or run out before you figure out how to make more?

It makes you feel trapped and stuck. If you make money, you worry you’ll fail at managing it. And if you don’t make money, you’re a failure at your business. Not the best options. Either way, you fail. That sucks!

The answer? Simple. Build a strong, healthy relationship with money. Learn how to trust yourself with money. Learn the power you have to generate money in your business. And you’ll stop sabotaging yourself.

That’s what I help my clients do. Because that’s my zone of genius. I help them detect and expose the lies they’ve been believing about money that sabotages the relationship they have with money.

How can you do this? Three simple steps.

  1. Detect and expose the money lies you’re believing.
    a. Start looking at how you feel, what you do, what you don’t do, how you do what you do, what you’re generating in your business.
    b. Why are you feeling this way, doing what you do, not doing things you know you need to, not generating the results you want?
    c. What are you believing about making money in your business? What do you believe about your abilities to manage money or your business? What do you believe about the amount of money you’ve made in your business?
  2. Become acutely aware of how you behave around money when you believe this.
    a. When do you notice that you stop showing up in your business or start playing small?
    b. When do you notice that you’re just checking the boxes?
    c. What triggers you the most in your business?
    d. When do you avoid money?
    e. What other relationships besides money are you avoiding?
  3. Decide on purpose what kind of relationship you want to have with money.
    a. Find the obstacles to having a better relationship with money.
    b. Do you avoid money? Why? How does it feel when someone avoids you?
    c. How can you be more engaged in your relationship?

If you start with just these three simple steps, you’ll be able to improve your relationship with money.

What you focus on grows and when you focus on your money, it will grow.

For just a moment, think of a relationship you’ve built, one that you intentionally focused on in your life.

How did that relationship grow and thrive when you were intentional about what you thought about the other person, how you treated them and the quality of the time you spent with them?

How can you leverage what you learned in building that relationship in the relationship you have with money?

You don’t have to be motivated by money in order to build a strong, secure relationship with money that will help you stop sabotaging your efforts to make more money in your business. You just have to want a better relationship.

It really is this simple.

I can help you see where you’re limiting yourself and your business because of the relationship you have with money. I can help you build a strong, secure foundation for your growing business by helping you grow a healthy, strong relationship with money.

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