What Do You Want to Win At?

I don’t have to win at everything.
I don’t consider myself very competitive, but I could be delusional. Because sometimes when I’m playing games with family or friends, I notice, in hindsight, that I can be very intense when playing games. I somehow forget that I’m just playing a game to have a good time with people and become this game nazi. It’s pretty interesting to watch the movie in my mind as I look back on these times. 
Here I am, supposed to be playing a friendly game with wonderful people in my life, connecting and laughing and having a great time together and what I’m most concerned about is winning!?! When I look back later, I become disappointed in myself. I feel a little like that commercial for Southwest Airlines – Wanna get away? I did want to get away … from myself. I thought to myself, “Who was that person? That wasn’t me – why did I do that?”
I would like to think that I’m not the only one that sometimes becomes someone that is unrecognizable when we look at ourselves. Hopefully it’s not often and it’s only temporary. This is what happens when I’m not intentional about how I think and therefore, how I live. I become someone I not only don’t want to be around, but I also don’t want to be.
I can beat myself up all day long and it’s not going to change anything. I can’t go back and change that moment, so all I can do is learn from it. Then I move forward keep practicing being intentional and keep practicing questioning my thoughts. If I can do this when I’m in the moment (if I recognize it at that point), that’s great and if I don’t recognize it until after the fact, I can question it then. That way my brain knows how I feel about it and can try to do the right thing the next time.
Image may contain: dogYes, sometimes I’m a hot mess. Luckily, I’m a lovable hot mess!

I don’t have to win at everything, but I do want to win with my money. I’m learning how to do this and I can teach you how too! Email me at MoreMoneyCents@gmail.com to learn how we can work together to win with money!