What Do You Need to Be Confident About Money?

In my experience, financial success starts with financial confidence. In my past, I often acted from a place other than confidence and those times did not produce my best financial decisions. Of course, back then I didn’t have the tools that I have now.
I want to help people that are like my past self to avoid some of the mistakes that I made, learn how to overcome those mistakes and to move on with financial confidence to financial peace and financial freedom.
I’m a fan of Dave Ramsey. I agree with the principles he teaches and they work. What I struggled with in the past, and let’s be completely honest, I still struggle with from time to time, was how to live those principles. That’s where I know that I can help people.
Just like with weight loss — I think most of us know that we need to eat healthy food and get regular exercise to be healthy – most of us know that we need to spend less than we make, avoid debt, live modestly, invest wisely and give generously. It’s the putting that into daily practice that tripped me up. And I don’t think that I’m alone.
How do we become more confident at anything? We practice. We gain knowledge. We trust in our abilities.
The primary obstacle in this is our thinking. Our thinking produces our feelings or emotions around money (and all things related) and our feelings lead to our actions and our actions lead to our financial outcomes. To change those outcomes permanently and favorably, we MUST examine our thinking and start the change there.
What financial outcomes do you want in your life? How will you get there? 
Let’s talk about it. E-mail me at MoreMoneyCents@gmail.com to book a free money coaching session to learn more about how I can help you be more confident about your financial future.