What do I have to offer?

by Jill Wright, Financial Confidence Coach
What I have to offer is something that I tend to struggle with quite a bit. I think that I don’t have anything of value to offer the world. The reason my brain likes to offer me this thought is because my brain likes to compare me to other people. It’s not that I have nothing valuable to offer – it’s that my brain believes that I have nothing valuable to offer … compared to other people.
It’s a recurring theme in my thinking that I continue to work on. I have definitely made progress, but it’s a process. It’s a practice actually, at least it is in my life. I continue to work on it because I want to quit believing the lies that I can’t do it. I want to quit believing the lies that other people can do it better than me … or that other people can do it because they’re special … they have more willpower or discipline … they don’t have the same challenges as I do … they … blah, blah, blah.
I’ve gotten to a point with this thinking that I’m just done believing all the lies. So when I notice these thoughts showing up, I shut them down, I refuse to accept them as truth, I thank them for visiting and I send them on their way. Then I look for the truth, my truth, God’s truth, about me. And I smile 😊 and I get back to work adding to the world what I have to offer, using the gifts that I’ve been given, to change the world … one thought at a time.
What truths are you discovering when you focus on living authentically? What skills and resources has God entrusted to you to use to benefit others? What challenges are you facing in finding what you have to offer?
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