We Are All A Work In Progress

by Jill Wright, Financial Confidence Coach
We are all a work in progress.
I’m not perfect and that’s okay. I am offering to coach clients on their finances and I am still improving on mine. Would that be a problem for you if you wanted coaching on your finances?
Money is simply math.
I agree with some of the experts that say that finances are 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. I have the knowledge and I’ve done the work on my behavior, but time is the other factor to completing the race. We have all of the pieces in place and now we’re just working our plan.
Can I help you win with money? I sure can. How? By teaching you the tools that have helped me learn how to win with money. By helping you discover why you don’t establish a budget each month, or why you don’t stick to the budget you set, or why you go to Target or to Kroger to get a couple of things and walk out with more bags than you can carry, or why your retirement nest egg is not fully funded, or why you procrastinate on drafting your will.
Then teaching you how to set goals and change your behavior so that you can achieve your financial goals. Whatever your financial goal, you can get there. And the path, if you want the changes to be lasting, is not through sheer willpower or discipline. Willpower and discipline are finite resources and we can’t rely on always having enough to get us through the battle.
The tools that I can teach you are about changing your mindset. The brain is the most powerful and amazing machine on the planet and you can harness its power to achieve your financial goals. And I can show you how. In fact, I can’t wait to show you how. I love coaching people because I love seeing their demeanor change when they start to feel hope and when they become open to all of the possibilities in their life. It energizes me and gives me hope when I witness the same changes in my clients that I’ve had the blessing to experience in my own life.
What are your goals? What are you waiting for? Here’s your invitation to freedom.
Email me at MoreMoneyCents@gmail.com to claim your free coaching session. Find out how I can help you achieve your money goals.