There’s no such thing as …. THE right thing

Ever been stuck because you just didn’t know the next “right” thing to do?

Have you ever been so intimidated by the world around you that you stood frozen in fear?

Did you ever want to just pretend that you’re fine with whatever happens in your business?

I didn’t post on social media much at all for a couple of months. I even neglected my blog.

And I love writing! I love sharing the insights that light on me like a bluebird on my shoulder.

So why did I just stop, just like that?

I was overwhelmed.

I was tired.

But most of all I was confused.

I thought I didn’t know what to share.

I felt intimidated because I had shifted my ideal client from divorced moms to entrepreneurs struggling to make their businesses work and all of a sudden I didn’t feel like such an expert any more.

I started thinking that I had no value to add.

I wasn’t sure what the next “right” thing to do was.

Sound familiar?

It should. It’s not that different from what a lot of my clients believe, in one form or another.

The problem is that we think that there’s a “right” way to do everything. We forget that being an entrepreneur is a completely customized experience. Your business is one of a kind. It is a unicorn. And you are the CEO of that unicorn business.

There is no ONE RIGHT WAY to do business. Your business. Your decision. And when you do business YOUR way, instead of the “right” way, you build the business you want. You build a business that fits beautifully into your life.

Who else’s life would you want your business to fit into? Why would you want a business that fits someone else’s life?

The reason that I got off track is that I lost sight of my goal. My goal was to build a business I love that fits perfectly into a life I love. In order to do that, I have to decide what I love … in my life and in my business.

How do I love connecting with people?

How do I love spending the time in my business?

Who do I absolutely adore and love serving?

What does a business I love even look like?

No one except me can answer these questions when it comes to my life and my business. And the same is true for you.

The only “right” way is your way when it comes to your life and your business.

When you have a business you love that fits beautifully into a life you love, you will have a successful business in no time.

Let’s talk about what that looks like for you and get started building your dream business in the background of your dream life!


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