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Hey, you’re not the only one that’s been considering taking the summer off from social media. I’m right there with ya!

This is why I’ve designed a simple summer strategy for social that’s quick, easy and FUN!

And I’m inviting you and other people just like us to come along!

Now, just so we’re crystal clear here …

  • I’m NOT a social media expert.
  • I’m NOT going to teach you anything new. 
  • I don’t have curriculum prepared for you.
  • I won’t assign you homework.
  • I won’t make sure you’re posting consistently. 

Here’s how I’m making your summer social strategy a BREEZE: 

  • At least one simple idea each day of what to look for (your scavenger hunt clue) and how to use it to create a quick and easy post.
  • A community of love and support all doing this together.
  • Opportunities for group coaching on Zoom
  • Opportunities for individual coaching on Voxer
  • A place to share links to your posts in the community
  • Like, Save, Comment or Share on other people’s posts
  • Get people in the community to Like, Save, Comment or Share your posts

I’m doing this right along with you, so you know it will be EASY and not time-consuming.

I am keeping everything simple, so just enter your name and email below to get started. What could be easier?

Gosh – I almost forgot! There is no cost to join!

Come join the FUN and CONNECT for the summer!

Enter your name and email below to get in on the Summer Social Scavenger Hunt!