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Life throws some really hard things at us sometimes. 

Life interrupts our plans, our dreams, our businesses. 

How do you keep going in the midst of all of it?

No matter what loss or darkness you’re experiencing, wherever you might be feeling broken or lost, whatever it is that’s making you feel stuck right now, pause and listen to this episode. 

There is help. And there is HOPE. Here’s how you keep going until you find it.

Amy is a certified Life after Baby Loss Coach. She combines her own experiences of stillbirth, miscarriage and pregnancy after loss with proven mindset tools to help loss parents find themselves again. 

Amy believes that when you can get to the roots of your struggles and bring them to light that’s when you will make the most progress. She is the host of the Smooth Stones Podcast where she shares all the tools you need to build a beautiful life even without all your babies in your arms. 

When she’s not coaching she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, and doing DIY projects.


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