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How well do you receive? 

I remember a time not so long ago when this was a real struggle for me. 

I’m still improving, but it still doesn’t come naturally to me. 

Receiving requires lots of practice. 

In order to practice receiving, you have to practice asking. 

There are other ways you can practice. 

In this episode, I’ll talk about how to improve the skill set of receiving. And I’ll talk about why that even matters. 

And I’ll have a special guest that brought this into my awareness.

Madhu is an internationally recognized Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. He lived and trained for half a decade as a monk in the Bhakti Yoga tradition. During these years, he was based in various monasteries in the US and India where he studied Vedic arts and sciences under renowned teachers. He traveled extensively, sharing spiritual knowledge and inspiration with communities of seekers on five continents. He now works primarily with busy entrepreneurs and professionals. He utilizes a unique Monk Mindset Method, to help them to overcome chronic fatigue, optimize their focus, and 2x their productivity and income.

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