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Have you ever finally gotten so sick of things that you were just “DONE”?

How did that feel? 

What led you to that place? 

And what did that birth inside you that you simply could not deny any longer? What had to die in order for that birth to be possible?

This week in Part 2 of my conversation with Sarah Trapkus, we uncover when enough really is ENOUGH. 

Listen in for another episode full of spiritual GOODNESS!

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As a reminder who Sarah Trapkus is: 

Sarah Trapkus is a Writer, Teacher, Speaker and Spiritual Guide helping Soul Aligned Entrepreneurs uplevel their lives + increase their impact through powerful energetic healing and embodying their True Desires.

Through this process Sarah’s clients learn how to access their intuition, express their truth, and start contributing in the way that feels aligned to their Soul’s Purpose. Sarah believes that coming back home to our bodies and remembering how to allow emotion + move energy is how we shift into the next awakening of the Human Spirit.

Sarah’s background includes Shamanism, Somatic Therapies, Energy Psychology, Plant Medicine and Coaching. Through her signature process of emotional healing + journey work she supports individuals who are ready to fully claim their power.

Sarah lives with her 3 beautiful children nestled between the redwood and the pacific ocean in Northern California.

Business Name: Sarah Trapkus | Spiritual Guide


Facebook: Sarah Trapkus – Life Coach


Podcast: Journey Sessions 

I’m so excited to bring you Part 2 — this is EPIC!

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