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This is already episode eight of EASY MONEY Podcast

Have I told you — I LOVE what I do?

Some people feel really uncomfortable talking about money. What I didn’t realize when I started this business is how much trauma people have around money. It’s a shame how many people’s progress and success in their business is impeded by their limiting money beliefs.

I’m working on it as fast as I can. It’s my life’s mission.

In fact, this is off today’s topic, but my mission statement is:

To teach every woman how to value herself, others and money, so that every woman knows she is valuable, knows what she wants, knows that her value doesn’t come from her accomplishments, her circumstances, her status, her talents or her money, so that every woman knows how to give herself permission and approval to want what she wants and so that every woman knows how to create or how to get what she wants in the way that she values.

And while I’m at it, my vision statement is I envision a world where women do not view what’s possible for them through the lens of fear, shame or doubt, but through the lens of power, boldness and courage.

That’s freedom. That’s what leads to abundance.

Okay — sidebar over. Let’s get started on what I really came to talk about today.

Today’s episode I want to get you thinking about what’s your one simple strategy?

As entrepreneurs, we’re risk takers. But as humans, we’d like security and safety. What if you can have risk that leads to rewards AND, at the same time, have security and safety?

What if keeping it simple is on the path to having it all?

I love this idea of keeping it simple because if we’re going to be entrepreneurs, if we’re going to be taking risks, at least we can try to make things easier.

That’s what I mean by what is your one simple strategy.

I like to think about things in my business in terms of whatever I’m doing, what is the simplest way to do it and still get good results, good, powerful results. And so if we think about that, think about what your strategy will be.

Personally,  I try to keep things simple in my business by thinking about my business in terms of three main areas that I’m working in at any given time. My three areas I call the three C’s. I like to make things simple in my business by making them easy to think about and making them easy to remember.

I typically will do things in either threes or fives but most often threes. My brain likes simple. My brain likes easy because my brain tends to overthink things. My brain tends to overcomplicate things. And so bringing it back and anchoring myself in those three simple things I’m doing in my business always helps me.

When I say have one simple strategy, it could be the strategy of thinking of the three main things that you’re always working on in your business. My three C’s are Clients Content and Connection. Every week that I am working in or and on my business,  I structure my work, my priorities — My quarterly projects I structure my annual goals. I structure my weekly to-do list, around these three areas, and it helps me stay focused and stay in control of what’s going on in my business.

And it helps keep me from overthinking and over complicating things most of the time. And even if I fall into old patterns and overthinking and I overcomplicate things, and I still do,  at least if I have that structure set up, then it helps me get back on track much more quickly, and much more powerfully.

When I say one simple strategy, it could be that or it could be one simple strategy in the offers that you make or the people that you serve, like simplifying your niche, simplifying your pricing, simplifying your offers — that could be your one simple strategy. It could be one simple strategy for clients. Maybe it’s  instead of trying all the things I’m going to try one thing and make that work before adding things. Maybe that one thing is going to go all in on social. Now just because that is your one simple strategy doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one platform.

It could be one simple strategy is to go all in on social, but doing that on these three platforms. TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn or Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, whatever you decide is best for you and the people you serve. You get to decide what feels simple to you. If being on multiple platforms doesn’t feel simple to you, then start with the simplest thing, knowing that you can always expand once you feel comfortable once you see what works. In the meantime, you get to test things until you feel comfortable or feel effective in that area.

Once you can automate that one thing, then you can always expand. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, because you have been overthinking or over complicating things, just pull back to that one simple strategy and anchor yourself in that.  Start with the simplest things first.

The other simple strategy I have is I constrain myself to focus on no more than five things at a time. For instance, I might be focusing on visibility. I might be focusing on one big piece of content, like a book or a freebie. I might be focusing on one particular offer I’m building. I might be focusing on my minimum baseline of clients content and connection.

The connection I might be focusing on is for the objective of increasing my visibility. The content I might be focusing on right now is a book. And the clients I might be focusing on is refining and improving my program for my existing clients. How can I get them those results even faster? How can I make it even easier?

These would be in addition to the regular things I’m doing on a daily or weekly basis, like social, like coaching sessions, like any programs I’m participating in or any collaboration I’m doing with other coaches.  

Another simple strategy could be pricing. Most of my clients struggle with pricing — believing in their price or increasing their price. A lot of people struggle with that. I don’t really struggle with that. To me, it’s just really a simple decision.

That’s one of the things that is easy for me to keep simple. It’s just a simple decision. I look at what value do I want to deliver? What level of service do I want to deliver? What would be a fair price for that?  I keep that simple.


The reason I don’t struggle with pricing is because I know what the value of what I’m offering is and I believe in the value of that offer. I don’t have any problems pricing it at that level. I know that what I deliver and the coaching that I offer is capable of producing phenomenal results.

I know that when my clients show up for themselves and when they trust me and when they engage in a way that is going to move them forward, then they are going to get those results that are available to them. And those results are worth so much more than what they pay me.

Maybe there are some beliefs you can borrow if you struggle with pricing.

What is one simple strategy you can focus on this month, this quarter, this year? What is your objective that this one simple strategy will help you accomplish?

Your one simple strategy could be to plant more seeds of possibility for your audience that when you water them grow their confidence in your ability to help them.

Your one simple strategy could be to create more clear and more compelling offers. Maybe your objective is to get more clear yeses and no’s to your offers.

Your one simple strategy is going to vary depending on where you are in your business and the objective you want to accomplish.

Your one simple strategy this year could be growing your audience or your list.

Your one simple strategy could be increasing the engagement with what you already put out there.

Your one simple strategy could be learning how to do effective paid advertising to increase your reach and exposure.

Your short term strategy should be aligned with your long term strategy for your business.

The main thing that I want you to notice is how simple is your one simple strategy. Can you simplify it even more? Because the simpler you make it, the easier it’s going to be — the easier it’s going to be to test, the easier it’s going to be to measure, the easier it’s going to be to tweak and pivot if you need to.

See if there’s a way that you can make your one simple strategy even simpler.  If you’re experiencing any overwhelm in your business, if you’re experiencing any time pressure. If you’re experiencing any revenue pressure, chances are your strategy it could be even simpler than you already have it.

If you want somebody to take a look or if you want to talk out, talk through it out loud with someone, if you want other ideas, how to make it more simple or how to make it more effective, just book a free value call with me.

That’s exactly what I do on my free value Calls. We get on the phone, we see what you’re struggling with. And we brainstorm together I might coach you. We do whatever it takes to get you moving forward and to make that one degree shift, whether it’s in simplicity, whether it’s in eliminating mind drama, or whether it’s just taking action. We take care of whatever it is that you need, whether it’s action, whether it’s mindset, or whether it’s resources, and we find a strategy that is best for you to address that area where you’re struggling. So let me know. Reach out to me DM me, email me at @Jillthemoneycoach on social or email me at Tell me your one simple strategy, and then tell me  what you like about your one simple strategy.

I’ll see you next week!