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Where do you feel pressure? 

 Working in your business?

 Making your family a priority? 

Both? And? All of the above? 

 What if prioritizing everything you truly desire doesn’t have to come at a cost?

 Tune in this week as Laurie Shopland and I discuss our recent sabbaticals. 


As a Life Coach, Laurie helps her clients identify thoughts that are causing them pain and heartache and teaches them how to overcome these roadblocks so they can create a life full of abundance and joy!

She teaches them how to live their life to their fullest potential and believe in themselves every step of the way!

With over twenty years of not for profit fundraising experience, Laurie knows first-hand the pitfalls when our thoughts are not managed properly. Successfully raising over $40 million, she needed to have a strong sense of belief in herself to achieve such lofty goals.

Laurie is a mother of three fiercely lovable young adults and is still passionately in love with her husband (and business partner) of 25+ years.


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