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My life is already great.
I am so greatfull for:
  • My amazing husband
  • Living in my dream home in an amazing community.
  • My church family .
  • My health
  • The life coach community I’m a part of
  • My dream business
  • The life I’ve lived, the experiences that led me here.
  • I have my ideal schedule
  • I work with my ideal clients whom I LOVE So much
  • I couldn’t ask for MORE, but I still do ask for more every single day.
I think most of you truly feel your life is great. I would hazard a guess that you would say-yeah, I have a lot to be grateful for.
Then in the background your brain is going through this laundry list of things that could be just a little better.
Yeah, if my house was just a little bigger or a little more customized to my tastes.
If my kids college and our retirement was a lot further along,
If my business was doing better,
If I felt like I was getting more done
If I was more productive.
If I felt like things were a little more secure,
if I thought I could take more time away from my business without it impacting my revenue,
If I didn’t always feel like I have to be “on” all the time to keep making money.
Yeah, My life is great, but I’m ashamed to say I wish it were better.
I get it.
I’ve been teaching this to my clients this for a long time
Don’t wait until conditions are right to create the perfect life, to create the perfect schedule, to create the perfect situation, the perfect business, for you.
Create it NOW.
What you pay attention to expands.
What you create in your mind gets created in reality.
Pay attention to what you’re creating — you’re either moving toward your ideal or away from it
And which direction you’re moving in is based on what you pay attention to.
I recently saw a post by Marianne Williamson that said this:
“The key to manifesting what you want in the future is showing up more fully in the present.
If you’re in a situation that you don’t think is enough, your core belief is my life’s not enough.”
She explains that you’ll continue to subconscious­ly recreate situations that are not enough. Because that’s what aligns with what you’ve created in your mind.
“Give yourself to this moment and the future will give to you.”
Whatever you have now, make that enough.
You will NEVER have ENOUGH.
You have to decide that it’s enough and create that abundance in your mind.
You have to see that which you already possess – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally and your entire identity as enough, as abundant.
Your knowledge, your experience, your gifts, your talents, your treasures.
Your characteristics — even think about the fruits of the spirit. Make those abundant in your mind as well.
I have love, I have joy, I have patience.
I am steadfast, I am self-disciplined, I am kind and good.
You don’t have to wait until you have piles of evidence to believe that you have some measure of what you ultimately want now.
You can develop the core belief that what you have is amazing NOW.
Just like Marianne Williamson said about recreating situations that are not enough, when you believe that you have exceedingly and abundantly more than you ever imagined, you will recreate situations that are truly amazing.
How? How is this possible?
Look for the TRUTH you want and you will find it.
We’re seeking the truth every day in everything we do, whether we know it or not.
The key is to know the truth you’re seeking and to do it on purpose.
What’s the difference between being grateful and experiencing a life that’s both great and FULL?
Being grateful is being appreciative, which is typically aimed at external benefits or rewards
Great: remarkable
Full: rich in experience, abundant, not lacking
I see Great Full as an internal state of being that you yourself create
If you want to make your life GREAT and FULL, look for ways your life is already great and focus on new ways to create even more fullness — it could be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It could be some combination of these.
Have a GREAT-FULL attitude.
What you see in front of you came from what you focused on in the past.
What you focus on in the present will become your past and what you focus on now will create what you have in the future. Don’t focus on the past, focus on what you want now and you will create that future.
As for me, I’m focusing on more joy, more success and more giving.