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This is the EASY MONEY podcast. 

The purpose of this podcast is to Make Money EASY.

I’m super-EXCITED about this episode, because I’m talking to Robyn Montgomery who has manifested this result!

In this conversation, learn how Robyn makes MONEY easier in her business, in her life, in her family. Robyn Montgomery is The Burnout Coach for Leaders. She helps leaders lift the heavy burden of “all the things”, so they can love their work again.

Like many of us, Robyn was conditioned to work hard, make money, and be happy with what you have. While she loved her work, the daily grind became a never ending battle of time, energy, and capacity. Leading a growing team in a reactive business environment was a challenge she couldn’t seem to get ahead of. 

Because she refused to believe that success meant sacrificing the things she valued most, she searched until she discovered her solution to burnout. 

Robyn is passionate about working with leaders who continually find themselves on the bottom of the priority and feeling more burnt out than energized in their work.

Here’s where you can find Robyn:


IG: @robynmontgomerycoaching

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Welcome to Easy money. I’m Jill the Money Coach. I know what it’s like to push through to white knuckle it to put in the time and get no results. I know what it’s like to wonder what’s the right way, and to constantly worry about doing it all wrong. I’ve learned a whole lot from doing things the hard way. That’s why I help coaches go from doing everything the hard way to making Money Easy. You want to create your dream life and dream business. That’s all about being free to do what you want. Spend what you want, and build the future you want and do it all with ease. In this podcast, I bring you Simple Strategies for Success for your business that make Money Easy. So it’s time for Easy Money. Are you ready? Well, then let’s go here. 

Welcome back. This is Jill Wright and today on the easy money podcast. I am super excited. I know I say that all night. I am, I am excited. This episode will be so much fun because I’m talking to Robyn Montgomery who has manifested the result I offer my clients to make money easy, and it’s so much fun. She is so much fun. Robyn Montgomery is the burnout coach for leaders, she helps leaders lift the heavy burden of quote all the things and the quote, so they can love their work again, like many of us, Robyn was conditioned to work hard, make money, and be happy with what you have. While she loved her work, the daily grind became a never ending battle of time, energy and capacity. Leading a growing team in a reactive business environment was a challenge she couldn’t seem to get ahead of. Because she refused to believe that success meant sacrificing this things she valued most. She searched until she discovered her solution to burnout. Robyn is so passionate about working with leaders who continually find themselves on the bottom of the priority list and feeling more burnt out than energized in their work. listen in on this fantastic conversation with Robyn Montgomery Burnout Coach for Leaders. Welcome Robyn, I’m so glad you’re here to join me on this conversation we’re gonna have today. I am just so glad that we were able to get this scheduled and get this on the calendar. I had the most fantastic time connecting with you at the Life Coach School Mastermind was so much fun. And so so glad to get to do this again.

Yes, that was so much fun. I, I had so many takeaways. And it was so amazing to meet all of the coaches and the community in person for the first time. So so great. And yeah, I’m really happy to be here today.

Yeah, it was awesome. So the reason one of the reasons that I wanted you on the podcast is when we were in Austin, you said something that I don’t think I had realized before. And even in the time that we that, you know, we coached together last year, I don’t think I realized this, you said that something about your husband, and teaching him that money is easy. So I wanted to do to take I’ve wanted you to talk about that.

Okay, yes, I remember that part of the conversation. So so well. We were talking over Starbucks, I believe in the hotel that day. And yeah, we were talking about just the shifts that I’ve been able to make, in my own thinking in my own mind around money. And the conversation kind of flowed out into this sort of like other areas of my life where this shift that’s that I’ve created in my own, in my own being has has, like transformed into, into my life around me. And so what part of that conversation was around my husband, and just some of the conversations we’ve had around money and you know how our mindset around money has, has kind of evolved over the years of our marriage. And the more I started to show up I’m in the conversations from this place of possibility, right? Like money is easy. And the more I started to show up in that way, it wasn’t as though like, you know, we were coaching on or anything like that it was just conversation. But like the the more evidence, the more example, the more I could lean into that possibility, just in terms of my own thinking, his mind started opening up. And so one of the things we were talking about was like the most like that strategic byproduct of your own growth is you start to see when you start to create those shifts in your own energy, you start to see the evidence that they create in your life. And then you’re talking about that evidence, and it just grows and grows from there. And it’s kind of contagious.

Yeah. I love that. So give us give the audience a little bit of a sense of your journey to that shift for for you that. When did money become easy for you?

Oh, my goodness, that’s such a great question. When? Instantly, my brains like look for the day. I don’t know that it was an exact day, but I absolutely do. Yeah, right. Right. But I just it was the day I decided, and I feel like the it was a concept that was completely new and completely. I almost want to say shocking, shocked my brain into like, what? Money can be easy. And there was something about that, that just like, I really wanted money to be easy. And but it did not feel that way. Like a lot of things, right? Like we, you know, I think it’s so easy to like, live our lives in that place of struggle or hard. And that’s what we’re focusing on. But this one thought this one concept was introduced to my brain just in that moment was like magic. And so I just started considering it literally, like, what if it’s easy, what if money is easy. And it was really fascinating, because, you know, the more I leaned into that thought, like, it just feels so open, it feels so fun, feel so energizing to think that. And the more I the more I leaned into that, the more evidence, I started to see that it was and just in terms of money and my own sort of like personal journey through back, you know, before I became a before became a coach, before I started my own practice, I had worked my way to the top of my career, all the things I was doing everything I knew how to do to like, make it all work, you know, with a family and my career and success and all of that. And it was really hard, it felt very hard, my experience, sort of at the top was very weighty, there was a lot of struggle, there was a lot of those, I felt the weight of the responsibility of all the things. And I was just doing everything I could to keep up. And one of the things I remember at that point is, you know, going into a performance review with my boss at the time, and I was in senior management at this point. And, and they’re wanting to pay me more money, just back up just a little bit and kind of give a little bit of context around. Like where you were at that point, like, give people a sense of what you were doing and and where you were at mentally emotionally. During because you’re talking about your time in corporate? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. So and sorry. Do you mean in the sense of like, what was going on in my mindset at that point?

Well, tell us kind of bring us into the story of you know, you were working in corporate you had worked awake, you know. Yeah, give us some background.

Yeah, absolutely. So I was working in corporate, I had, you know, quote unquote, done all the right things after university worked my way to the top, I was an expert in my field, all the things and so the, my journey through my journey to the top in, in leadership really was in my mind about all the doing so I was busy doing all the things got to this point where now I was leading a team, a growing team and a growing industry. And I was was really struggling I was struggling with the weight of the team. I was struggling with not enough time too much to do all the things and so I got to this point in my career, and I was really just trying to keep up and and what had happened at that point was I, you know, was was doing all the things but I really didn’t feel like I was doing enough. I didn’t ever feel like I and like, it was enough, there wasn’t enough time, there wasn’t enough of me, there was always so much more to do. That became sort of the focus of my experience at that point in my career. And, in hindsight, I can see now how much I was actually accomplished, accomplishing how much I was actually contributing, but at the time, I couldn’t see it. And so the the sort of example that I was leading into was around the last performance review I had in that particular role. And they’re wanting to pay me more money to do more. And I was like, almost like, I don’t want more money, because I don’t want to do more, because I couldn’t, I couldn’t make sense of it, in my mind in terms of, how am I going, I can’t do more, I was maxed out already. And so I see this a lot. In sort of that, that space, where we’re, you know, going about our careers, the expert in our field, working our way to the top, transitioning into a leadership position. And now there’s the team. Now there’s all that another layer of responsibility. And that’s where I see a lot of people struggling. And what happens in that struggle, at least what happened in my experience of that struggle was, there was just so much evidence of not enough, not enough time, not enough energy, not enough capacity. And that was the cycle that I that was the cycle that again, was also sort of I almost want to say, not repelling, but what’s the word there jail? Like, like, keeping me from the next level keeping me from growth? keeping me from reaching, you know, a higher potential? Yeah,


yeah. So more money was at the expense of what more responsibility? Yeah, I have to sacrifice and, and that’s something that we coached on. Right at the the that thought of, okay, what is this going to be at the expense of is it going to be at the expense of and a lot of my clients have those same thoughts at the expense of my health at the expense of my family and expensively of my financial stability? You know, yes. What am I going to have to sacrifice in order to get more really has us sort of not leaning into that more, but resisting that more?

Absolutely, absolutely. And, and ultimately, what we’re doing in that place, I think, is just creating more and more evidence that we can’t, that it’s hard that there isn’t enough, and that is the cycle, we want to break that is a cycle that burns us out, that is a cycle that, that that you want to get ahead of, if that’s your, if that’s what you’re experiencing. And, and, and this, this concept of, you know, not enough, is just, like, so fascinating in terms of what our brains do with those two words. Not enough, right? It’s not like it’s just in we’re not just applying it to time, like there’s not enough time, we’re applying it indirectly also to ourselves, also to our energy to our capacity to money. It’s like two words that then get applied to all these different things in our life. And the reality is, the more you’re looking through the lens of law of not enough, the more evidence you’re going to find it’s so easy, anyone could look look through that lens and see what there isn’t enough of but what we know from the other side of this what we know when we start to question that’s when we start to like dig a bit deeper and sort of unravel that. That kind of like entwined thought process that’s there is that there is enough right is that is is that we when we start to see like what there is we can sort of like you know sit a little bit taller see a little bit clearer start to see what we are doing how we are showing up how much time we are working with and that is the process that I’ve and journey that I’ve been on and literally has has you know changed everything in the sense of now I have this other lens now I have this new lens it’s not even new anymore but new lens to look through which leans into and really fosters and creates what I want to create in my life.

So yeah, yeah, and I love that you talked about not enough and applying that to everything in your life. And I think it’s so key to see like who you are, as the creator of enough, right into leaning starting to lean into your power to create enough, not only do you have enough, but you can create whatever you want. And feeling empowered to do that, but not from a place of like you said, sacrifice or doing more. But from a place of just being more being more capable, being more adequate, being more powerful, be more valuable, right, just by being who you are. So that that’s a perfect place to talk about, you know, another tool that you’ve used to lean into your more, I think, if so, it’s probably I think the most powerful thing that we have at, at our access to have at our disposal, isn’t what I was looking for, is to lean into who you are, who you truly are. And from that place, you know, what you’re capable of creating is becomes so infinite and so expansive. So, I mean, in, in our conversation in Austin, we talked about this, and you know, what you’re learning about human design. And you last week you did my, you know, a reading for me. And so it opened up my eyes to a few things that I hadn’t become aware of yet. So appreciate that. Because I think, knowing who you are learning who you are, and then leaning into that can be so powerful for you. And with your human design type of projector, you like things to be easy, you’d like things, fun, and that’s what energizes you. And if we’re judging that those aspects of who we are, then that’s like swimming against the tide, you know, but if and that’s literally what it feels like.


Exactly, it feels hard. But if you’re swimming with the tide, you’re, you know, going with the flow of who you are, then you don’t have to sacrifice something for more, because you’re capitalizing on all of your strengths, and all of the things that you love to do the things that feel easy when things are easy. Yes, they’re more successful.

Absolutely, absolutely. So that brings us to the question of how do we discover who we are. And that really is some of the most important work I think that any person any human on this planet can do, in terms of in terms of really just taking a look at themselves through through a lens that is free from all of the limitations that we’re living in, in terms of, you know, if you’re feel like you’re in that daily grind, if you’re giving everything you know, all of your energy to your work to your family, all those things, right, we want to we want to create some space in our lives, to really dive into that, to really unpack that. And it’s not, I remember, I’m just having a vision right now of this particular point, in my, in my own journey. So like through, you know, getting to that place in my career where I was just like, there has to be more than this, like this isn’t working, but really not knowing what else was possible. And I remember like, I need to know what my purpose is. Remember getting what is it find your why Simon Sinek great book, by the way, but I remember like, I’ve got to read this, like how do I find my purpose, we’re taught to look outside of us, we’re taught to look to the world to our circumstances to others that have gone before us to to, to define our purpose, we’re always looking to define outside. And that’s a really challenging exercise when you’re in a struggle when you’re in sort of anything in your life that you may be working through. And so and so my experience in that in quote, unquote, finding my purpose wasn’t in seeking anything external to me. It was coming back to and connecting to myself connecting to who I am, who I know I am. We all know who we are at our core we already do. But I feel like there’s so much of the everydayness of the way that our lives work and jobs and all those things and businesses that you know that that part of us doesn’t doesn’t connect in a way that that we can really step into that alignment and be showing up in alignment with that. And so I think that is some of the most important work that we can do connecting to that for ourselves.

Yeah, and so much of the conditioning that just happens as a part of life. As we’re growing up, and, you know, whether it’s our parents, or whether it’s some other family members, or whether it’s events that happened to us, or just the way that we absorbed messaging that we’ve received. And then the, the way that, that society teaches us to act, or the way we’re trying to conform, depending on on who we are, I just talked about this with a client yesterday, you know, about that swimming upstream becomes even harder, because you have the current of the direction that society is going. So if you feel like who you are, is not in that direction. That’s another sort of force that that’s preventing you from becoming more and, and making things easier for yourself. And in making money easier, making business easier. Making just life easier, is anything that’s counter to who you feel like you are. So that’s so much so important to become aware of, a lot of that ends up being subconscious. I mean, I think we found a lot of subconscious thoughts as we were working together. And, and I’m sure that your clients also have some of those subconscious conditioning, that is preventing them, you know, that is making it harder for them preventing, making it easier to rise to the top and to really shine in their brilliance. Without that sacrifice without that burnout. Do you want to talk any about that? How you see that show up for your clients?

Yeah, absolutely. I think I loved your analogy, by the way, that’s exactly what it feels like. Right? And, and the societal conditioning, or the norms really do really can feel like that additional force against us. Yeah, and so one of the things I think that just comes to mind in terms of, you know, my clients and sort of where they’re at is, you know, it’s, there’s so much evidence out there, there’s so many, there’s so many examples, we’ve been taught to do what it takes, right, and, and a lot of us, you know, it feels it sounds like a great intention. It sounds like it sounds noble, it sounds more it sounds like, like there’s a lot of value there, right? I’m willing to write tied to our work ethic, right? So so it sounds great. And but when we take that type of belief system out into the world, into this modern world, where projects and opportunities and demands and email and workload is never ending, and we are operating from this place of whatever it takes, you’re going to get to a point where it stops working for you. Right. And that’s not to say that it didn’t get you there. That’s not to say that it didn’t work. You know, and really, like, be part of, you know, what got you here. But there’s that saying, right, what got you here isn’t what will get you there. And I think there’s this point where it starts, it’s almost like the law of diminishing returns kicks in, you know, it starts to work against you. And that’s what you want to be paying attention to. If the way that you’re experiencing your work, if the way that you’re experiencing your work is feeling hard is feeling like a struggle, if every single Monday, you’re you’re just or Sunday, even you’re already dreading the week ahead. Like these are symptoms we want to be paying attention to, we want to be paying attention to that to them, not from the sense of there’s a problem with us, or we’re doing it wrong, because that’s not gonna get us anywhere. But more from this place of, you know, just recognizing that it’s not, you know, the way that you want to be feeling the way that you want to be experiencing and showing up in your work in your life. That’s the piece that I think is really challenging. You know, we’re just also, you know, so tough going out there doing all the things ourselves, we maybe don’t recognize that there’s this like, tolerance level that we’re building to the stress and the pressure just like it’s like every, you know, every project there’s another layer now we’re just used to operating at this level, so it can kind of sneak up on us, but we want to be paying attention to this Symptoms of what we’re experiencing. And and also know that there, it doesn’t need to be that way. It doesn’t have to be that way, even if it is, right now, there are so many opportunities out there, so many new ways to tap into what is going on for you to help you powerfully connect to what it is you want, and help you also in that process powerfully connect to your agency your authority in creating it, because that’s the piece that I think that where that disconnect really starts to affect is we don’t see what we can do in it.

Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, I like how you mentioned, you know, not from the place of there’s something wrong with me, or there’s a problem I have to fix. And, and I just coached somebody on this earlier this week, where we were like, No, there’s nothing that you have to fix. Because we’re a fixed society, right? Yes, we have to fix everything. And so some things don’t have to be fixed. For one thing, emotions don’t have to be fixed. Right? They can be. I mean, we can just feel how we feel. And that not be a problem. That’s one thing. And I don’t necessarily want to go down that road in this conversation. But there’s this freedom in letting things be as they are and not fixing things. Yes. If it’s a problem, if it is, if there’s a better way, certainly, we want to go that direction. But the way that I explained it to the client that I was coaching earlier this week, is it’s almost like this is the analogy that I gave her. It’s like a savings account. So you have your money in a savings account that is earning like point 1%, let’s say. And then you learn that there’s this other savings account, this is another bank that is paying 4%. And you’re like, Okay, so the point 1% account is not broken. But there’s the better opportunity for 4%. So that is coaching, right? opportunity to get something so much better. So we it’s not that some of the other account was broken, there was not anything wrong with that account. But the 4% account is just so much better. And if we have that opportunity to move our money, we are eligible for that 4% account, then why not? Right? So I want you to, and I think this ties back to what we were talking about earlier, where we’re just giving ourselves permission to be us. You’re just giving yourself permission to be who you are. And to lean into that and to get everything that you’re eligible for. Right. As as you and so I’d love for you to speak to the freedom that you’ve experienced by giving yourself permission to be you and how you were able to give yourself that permission.


Oh my goodness, the podcast is long enough for that. Oh, my permission is like my absolute favorite thing. I didn’t know I could give myself permission. If no one had ever told me this, I had never learned this. No, seriously, I am giving myself permission has has really just opened up another world I never had access to. And I can see now it was always there. I just couldn’t see it. And that is the beautiful thing about really tapping into and connecting to, you know, these different ways of of really connecting to ourselves. In terms of you know, leaning into myself leaning into acceptance, leaning into all the things I I just sort of my experience really was like I felt so buried, I felt under, I felt like I was living under the weight of all the things I had to fit into this box over here and this box over here and all the things over here. And it’s almost like who I was was was just buried underneath that. And so my journey through that is really sort of lifting the weight, almost like opening up the box and then I can take a look at it like okay, like I could breathe again. I could connect to the things that I love to do again in a powerful way I could spend One time with my family and not be thinking about work all night long, I could turn it off, I could, I could, there was so much more, there’s so much more space for the things that I love to do. And while I’m doing them, I’m I’m just so connected and aligned and really present, you know, being present with what is my life and myself in it. And so, you know, a lot of the work that I’ve done in terms of just my own journey, and I say work, but it’s really just my journey. This is the journey I’ve created for myself, that in order to be able to access that, those possibilities in that way and create the life that I love, and, and through that journey, what I’ve really learned is that learned and now live is that I have everything I need. There’s plenty of time, I create my energy. This is this one has changed the game for me, I create my energy I do. And just learning all the different ways that that is possible. Just like it doesn’t matter where I go, it doesn’t matter, you know, where you know what job you put me in, I can create that energy. I can tap into that in any in any challenge in any circumstance. And I think just like leaning into the more I My experience has really been like, the more I lean into myself, the more I aligned I am in how I’m showing up in my work in my business in my life. And that is


priceless. Yeah, literally priceless. So free, so freeing, and how does that freedom make things easier? Oh, practically speaking.

Yeah, like just in everydayness. I think it’s like, the best way I can describe it is, I could show up every day, you know, in my past life and have this renewed sense of optimism. But there’s always this point in the day where it was gone, where I was depleted where something threw it off track, something like that. And now the way that I live my life is like, you know, I wake up with that energized, optimism still the same, same as I did before. But as I move through my day, I don’t get knocked back, I don’t get off track, I have a lot of things that I’m doing in my business, in my life, a lot of things that I’m working towards, and I’m creating the energy, I’m creating the energy I want to bring to that. And then and then creating the evidence for myself to that I am. And I think in in everydayness of my life, I feel definitely lighter, I feel like I had everything I have access to everything I need. Like, that is such a powerful belief. For me. I am doing work that I love, I’m doing meaningful, impactful work in the world I’m contributing, I’m making a difference. And I’m doing it by being myself, I’m not doing it by trying to follow the rules that you know, are set, you know, is set out there in the world for us to follow, I’m doing it by guiding myself, and creating the energy in the way that my energy is designed to flow. And just the more that I lean into that the more evidence I create for myself, that money is easy that that, you know that connection to what’s possible is available to every single one of us, it’s there for all of us. And if I can do it, if I can reach that if I can connect that in the powerful ways that I have in my, you know, everyday life, I’m just an everyday person, right? Anyone can, and that is that is really my passion and my drive behind the work that I do in helping you know, leaders who are, who are, you know, feeling more burnt out and energized in their work kind of at that place where they’re, they’re feeling depleted or sort of knocked back regularly and maybe not as resilient as they once were, where they may be going into their workweek, you know, spending the Sunday not recharging not spending time with their family not doing things that they want to do, but rather dreading, you know, being overcome and dreading the week ahead. And so working with them to help them connect to themselves, connect powerfully to what they are doing connect to the value and the work that they are doing in the world and just building that process building that sort of foundation back up to what I was talking about in Austin as sufficiency right? Here’s the time I’m willing to give to my work. Here’s what I’m going to create with that, with that time, when we can start to see that clearly. That’s the place where you you grow. That’s the place you can never get stuck again. Because you and yeah, it’s so expansive. And actually, that’s a great word because I, I feel that in my life, I feel that expansiveness, there’s no limits anymore.

So yeah, oh, I love that. Ah, this is amazing. I, what I wrote down while you were talking, is you are the living embodiment of something, I believe in my heart of hearts, which is to be 100% successful. You simply just be 100%, you are living that out right now. And it is so amazing. So amazing. And it brings me so much joy to watch, you just do so well, and just be so happy and for things to be so easy. But I’m gonna put you on the spot just for a second. Okay. Know, one of the things we talked about in Austin was you were thinking about starting a podcast, and isn’t it? Oh, my gosh, that would be amazing. That’s so fabulous for your people who just need somebody in their ear, encouraging them and reminding them that they are sufficient. And so my challenge for you is can you you you embody, you have leaned into money is easy, you have found evidence that money is easy. And as you were talking, I also wrote down energy is easy because you create your energy. Yep. So can a podcast be easy. And you know, for people in the audience, whatever they’re wanting to do whatever they think will energize them or energize their business, not things they should do, but things they want to do because it aligns with their mission that aligns with their purpose that aligns with who they are, whether it’s a group, whether it’s a membership. Could any of those things be easy?

I think anything can be easy. If we decide it is okay. If we give ourselves the space to like breathe that in. This is a challenge, by the way, because when you said kind of podcasts be easy. I can I can sense my brain is like no, that’s what my brain said right away. No, not possible.

Oh, well, here’s evidence. So how easy was this conversation?

This conversation was very easy conversation going to turn into a podcast.

Hilarious. No, it’s so bad. This is I think this is totally did You totally did. I think this is so great. Because like, just like, I can hear my brain saying, like, there’s hesitation hesitation hesitation. It’s like I don’t know, I don’t know if this can be easy. But I also have access to all of this, all of those other shifts that I’ve created, right? where money is easy. Were my energy I can I create my energy, all of those things were time oh my gosh, just changing my relationship with time just changing a relationship with time changes, or like, I have access to all of that. And so if that is possible, this is also possible. It is possible to be easy. And this conversation was very easy. So how could a podcast be easy as the next question? Yeah, I absolutely need to answer for myself.


Yeah, yes. That’s that. Yeah. And how can it be fun?

Yeah. Is that it? Well, I do definitely fun. Yes. And I do. I do really enjoy conversations. It’s funny when I set out into this year, I always go into each year with a word not not a resolution, but but a word. And this year, my word was create. And so whereas last year, was it? Oh my goodness. I love that. I love that. Yes. So yeah. Yeah. I love that. And that’s a perfect way to to transition our conversation. Until next time. Yeah, I can’t wait to see what you create. I am just in hopeful anticipation up to see the next thing that you create, because everything you create is amazing.


Thank you so much. Well, and thank you so much for having me today. This podcast was very easy and so delightful to talk to you really enjoy being in the same space as you and really just connecting to your brilliance. It literally has changed my life?


Yeah. Oh, well, I love anytime that we get to connect, because I just love your energy. And I love your passion and your heart for people in leadership with burnout. So amazing the work that you do. And then, you know, my mission is equipping and empowering women. And that’s exactly what you’re doing. And so I just love supporting you in any way that I can. And so, you know, before we go, just tell people if they’re interested in finding more if they have a friend that’s experiencing burnout, a daughter or a mom or they themselves are experienced, experiencing burnout, how can they get in touch? How can they learn more about you?

Absolutely, yes. So the best place to go would be my website, Robyn You can read about why, Robyn with a why, yeah, Robyn You can read about all the things that I’m about, there’s five, five tips to eliminate burnout, five tips for no sorry, five tips to burn down burnout that’s available to download off the website. If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, the program that I’m offering right now is called freedom from burnout. And it’s a one on one program where I work one on one with my clients. Weekly we we literally start from where we’re at. And we build that process that blueprint forward to creating the experience you want to have in your work. So it doesn’t matter where you’re starting doesn’t matter where you’re starting just that you start. And the process really is through this particular program really works to help you zero in on the root cause of burnout, which means getting unstuck, which means tapping into and connecting to who you are and what you bring to the table, really tapping into claiming reclaiming and claiming authority over your time, your energy and your capacity. And it’s possible for any leader in any position to achieve this. And one of the one of the you know, things that comes to mind right now one of the you know, benefits right away of this type of work is if you’re feeling under pressure, if you’re feeling the weight of all the things and that is, you know, coming up for you on the regular just lifting that weight feels amazing. And that is the experience that my clients have. In this program with this work. They’re lifting the weight, they’re breathing again, they’re creating space, and time and space for what’s important to them. They’re tapping back into their passion, their energy, their aliveness again. And so this is I think, some of the most important work that we can do in you know, continuing our journey forward in really, you know, contributing meaningful work in the world and feeling successful as we do it.

Yeah. Amazing. Thank you so much, Robyn. It’s been such a pleasure. And thank you for sharing all that wisdom and insight and information about burnouts.

Thanks, Jill.

Wow, wasn’t that fun? Oh, my gosh. So here’s where you can find Robyn. Her website is And she spells Robyn with a Y – ROBYN Or you can find her on Instagram at Robyn Montgomery Coaching. That was just such a fun conversation. I love chatting with other coaches. There’s so much wisdom, so much insight, so much talent out there in the coaching industry. Oh my gosh, I could collaborate all day. What I took away from this conversation with Robyn, is that there are ways to do things that are hard. And there are ways to do things that are easy. There are things that work and there are things that don’t work so well. When it comes to building your business and making things easy. There are just so many ways to do all the things that we’re doing when we’re building our business. Now Robyn shared that she did everything right. This was in her corporate role. She thought in her corporate role it was about the doing, and we all do this. So many of us do this in our business. We all I’ll think it’s about what we’re doing or what we’re not doing. That’s the secret to solving whatever problem that we have at the time. So what we do is we keep doing, quote, all the things just like she talked about. That’s what the, that’s what her clients do as well, when they’re, especially when you’re in a leadership role. And in your business, you’re in a leadership role. Sometimes we’re working as the employee, but we’re always the CEO, no matter what task we’re showing up to do. And I think that’s what makes it harder thinking that the only way to succeed is the right way thinking that we have to do something different. What makes it easier Well, being ourselves, being ourselves makes it a whole lot easier. And believing that doing, doing what comes easy to us is what will make us super successful. So look at all the times in your life, where you’ve been successful and where you’ve felt good about what you were doing, I’m betting that the times you thought of that, or times where you loved what you were doing, and it felt easy. It might not have been easy, but it didn’t feel hard. And you were doing the right thing, because that was the right thing to you. Right. So see, you don’t have to be someone different. You don’t have to do something different. And you don’t have to have something different. Just do what you love and do what feels easy, and your business will be so much easier. And if you want selling the thing you probably hate most in your business to be easier. I have just the thing for you. Join me at Elevate YOU Retreat in Nashville, Tennessee, September 22, through the 27th, where I’ll coach you around Selling Without Rules. That means there is a not a right way to sell. That’s right, we’re throwing out the rules that induce that selling coma that we all tend to go into when it’s time to sell. So we’re helping you design your own customized selling strategy that fits you perfectly that works. And that feels good to you. The person that’s going to carry out that selling strategy, that’s what’s most important feels good to you. Because that’s what’s going to make you confident and that’s what’s going to bring you success. I can’t wait to see you at Elevate Retreat, get signed up at And I’ll put that in the show notes. See you in Nashville. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s episode. See you then.