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I spend a whole lot of time thinking. It’s my favorite thing to do. I love quiet time. When I go for walks, I take my phone, but not so I can listen to a podcast or an audio book. So I can think. When I think, lots of times some brilliant stuff comes out of nowhere. I like to have my phone at the ready to record it in I use my app a lot to record my musings.

I don’t always do anything with them. But there are lots of times I do.

You know how people say they come up with their best ideas in the shower? The shower is a fruitfully creative space for me as well. But my walks are like the shower. Except on my walks I’m fully clothed.

I walk where there’s just nature, so it’s just pure thinking time. It’s awesome! I talk to God, I talk to the trees and the birds and the sky. I talk to myself. I talk to my coach on Voxer sometimes. And sometimes I don’t say a word.

In today’s podcast episode, I wanted to talk about thinking. I wanted to talk about the kind of thinking that goes beyond your mind. The kind of thinking that really gets you moving. That’s the best kind of thinking. The kind of thinking that helps you reach your goals.

A few episodes ago, I said that big goals are really great for helping you think at a higher level.  The bigger your goal, the higher your thinking has to be in order to reach those goals. It makes us think outside the box. It makes us think outside our comfort zone. That’s where all growth happens – outside the box, outside our comfort zone.

Today, I just want to get you thinking. Thinking leads to all great ideas. Thinking leads to feeling. Feeling leads to action. Action leads to results. So, it seems like it might be a good idea to carve out some time to think. The key is to make that thinking productive and energizing, so it fuels those big results you’re dreaming up.

Here’s a question to kick off your thinking:

If you knew you’re going to hit your goals, but you had no idea how, what would you be doing right now?

Like if you knew that you were going to meet your goals and it wasn’t in the way that you expected or planned? What would you be doing?

Whether your goal this year is $10K, $100K, $500K, $1 million or multiple millions.

If you absolutely knew that goal was for sure going to happen, and it wasn’t going to be at all in the way that you expected, what  would you be doing today this week, this month, this next quarter to prepare yourself  and to cultivate the soil to imagine other possibilities than what you’ve already thought of.

This exercise is not to get you planning different revenue streams and new things to create and doing more. It’s really just to get you believing in possibility again, because at the level that you’re at, maybe you’ve quit believing in the growth that’s possible for you because maybe you feel tapped out.

Maybe what you had to do to get here felt really hard and felt like A LOT. And maybe it’s hard for you to see what else is possible, or it’s hard for you to believe hOW is possible — our brain always gets stuck on the HOW? Because no matter what level you’re at, when you’re ready to move to the next level and reach that next big goal, it feels like you’re really back at square one.

And at Square One, it feels impossible.

You probably remember a time in your business where you felt like you weren’t growing at the rate that you wanted to and you were probably feeling a little tapped out.

That time is no different than this time.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Different level, different devil.”

At whatever level you were at when it started feeling hard, whether that’s when you’re just starting out, when you wanted to go from $10K to $50K or $50K to $100K or $100K to multiple six figures or six figures to seven figures and so on, every time you have to go to the next level, it starts to feel hard.

It’s because:

You’ve just achieved what you thought was impossible.

You’ve just achieved more than you thought you were capable of.

You’ve just put in all you had.

Of course you would think more is impossible. If you had more, you would have given it at the last level. You went all in. You gave it all you got.

Now …

You’re probably feeling a little tapped out.

You’re probably like, I have to do something new in order to go to the next level.

I have to do something more.

I have to reinvent myself.

I have to do all these things in order to get where I want to go as fast as I want to go there.

And you know when we’re in that place, there’s bound to be resistance.

There’s bound to be doubt and it’s bound to seem like it has to be hard. How could it be possible that it wouldn’t be hard?

You’ve never done it before.

If you’ve never done it before, that means you have to figure it out.

And figuring it out is a lot of work. Figuring it out is HARD. Everybody knows that.

I’m right there with ya Sister. Everybody knows that figuring it out is HARD.

It does make it hard to keep growing, keep taking it to the next level, when we have this belief system.

I’m tapped out.

This is as much I want it, as I want to do in my business.

And if this is all I can get, then maybe I don’t want more.

Maybe I don’t want to go to the next level.

Maybe this is enough.

But if we’ve gone to the next level before — and we ALL have gone to the next level — it really is the same pattern of thinking that got us there that will get us to the next level.

All we have to do is identify that thought pattern that got us there.

I can figure this out.

I have what it takes.

I’m excited to see what else I’m capable of.

I’m curious if I have any limits. Let’s find out.

In what ways is this next level really no different from the last level we thought was hard?

In what ways is more not required?

In what ways can we do things the same, just different?

For example, if you’ve done things without a team before, how can you go to the next level when you have a team. In a lot of ways, having a team in and of itself takes you to the next level.

Because when you hire a team, you have more gifts, more resources, more talents, more areas of expertise to tap into. The way you thought was best you could be pleasantly surprised to find someone on the team has already figured out a better way and they know exactly how to implement it in your structure.

You have more WHO’s and therefore you now have access to more HOW’s.

That’s just one simple example of a way that you might not have to do more or do something new. You just have to open up to possibilities outside your box, outside your current comfort zone, outside your current knowledge and experience.

What are some other ways you’ve been successful in the past? What thought patterns worked for that situation? Which of those thought patterns could you adapt to this situation?

It doesn’t have to mean doing at a higher level. You might just need to think at a higher level.

Because when you think at a higher level, you automatically do at a higher level because your thoughts expand around what is possible.

Therefore your emotions will drive the actions that drive the higher level results.

All you really need to do is to become aware of your thinking, what you’re resisting and then begin to think at a higher level to create action and results at that higher level.

I’ll see you next week!