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If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried budgeting and you’ve tried managing your spending and saving money, but always seem to come up short.

If you’re anything like me, you are smart and generally very effective at whatever you try. Which is why it was always so frustrating that I couldn’t figure out how to stick with my plans for my money. Why could I be so good for certain periods of time, but then break down and spend a stupid amount of money in one shopping trip. It’s like I lost complete control, almost like I was possessed. I couldn’t help myself.

I know now where I went wrong … and what I learned might help you as well.

Stop overspending so that you can build wealth for your retirement and get ready to live the life you have dreamed of  — a life where you don’t lose control of your spending — a life where you don’t give in to temporary pleasures — a life where you pursue true joy in your life and where you don’t fight the negative emotions that are a part of our authentic human experience. 

If you’re interested in living this kind of life (I am living it and I give it 5/5 star review), find out more when you email me at to schedule your free coaching session.