Living Authentically

by Jill Wright, Financial Confidence Coach
I continue to work on my thinking so that I can continue to show up authentically.
I am human, just like most of the people I know 😉. As a human, I experience a lot of emotions over the course of a day, a week, a month, a year, and so on. This means that I have what is probably an infinite number of thoughts that I can work on in order to maintain clarity, peace, love, joy, understanding and compassion for myself and the rest of the world.
When I don’t work on my thinking, then I notice that I start to argue with reality and when I do this, I don’t maximize my human experience. I don’t enjoy my life, I shut down, I opt out of life. While that might be the easier of the two paths, it also is the least valuable of the two paths.
What I’ve had to start doing when I want to take the easy way out is to start to question why I want to take the easy way out. Is it easier to be uncomfortable or to stay stuck? Is it better to risk humiliation or to reject the gift of life that God has given me? Is it more giving to put myself out there and potentially help others or to give in to fear, shut down and hide? Will I feel any better by giving up than I would by taking a chance? If I’m going to be uncomfortable or miserable or regretful either way …. Why not do the thing that brings the greatest good to me and to the world around me?
I have to tell you — in my experience the actual outcomes when I put myself out there have been way less scary and way more satisfying than I was projecting them to be. I invite you to test this for yourself and let me know if this is true for you.
I dare you to do something uncomfortable this week that is authentic for you. Show the world what you have to offer and it’s possible that the world will show you what it has to offer.