Is God’s Hand in Your Life?

I know that God’s hand is in what is happening in my life right now.
Unfortunately, I also know that the enemy will be present as well. I’m currently doing Priscilla Shirer’s bible study The Armor of God alongside a group of amazing women in my community and it’s a timely reminder that the enemy is always at work trying schemes that will throw me off. I also forget that the enemy is also using schemes that are not obvious and that are disguised as either good or “not so bad”. He’s very cunning and sneaky and tries to go in under the radar in a way that we might not notice.
I pray daily for wisdom and discernment and for constant reminders to trust Him. I want to remain in His Word and in His Will for this new journey. I hope that you will be there too.
If you would like to pray for my journey, please pray that I find the people that need my help and that they are open to the help that I have to offer. Pray that I stay focused on His mission for my work and on Him. Thank you for your support.
What can I pray for in your life?

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