How Intensely Are You Focused on Your Money?

Success requires intensity and focus.
Success requires commitment.
Commitment requires a compelling reason. 
Our compelling reason was to be able to retire early with financial peace. We don’t have kids, so we wanted to know that our financial future was secure. We don’t know if we will have anyone to look out for our best interests, for our care, as we get older. We want to provide for our care when we can no longer care for ourselves. These are our compelling reasons.
Your compelling reasons might be different.
My journey hasn’t been a straight line and I suspect yours is not either. That doesn’t mean that success is out of reach. It might mean that your focus and intensity needs to increase.
It’s okay if you have felt stressed, defeated, hopeless or overwhelmed by the path in front of you to achieve your financial goals.
It’s okay if you have veered off the path from time to time or struggled to keep your spending under control.
Your past does not define who you are at your core. What matters is what you do today, and tomorrow and all of the days after that.
You have what you need to achieve your financial goals. You just need to take the next step, then the next step after that and keep on moving in the right direction.
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