How Do You Want To Feel?

My clients often tell me that they feel like their finances are out of their control. They think what I used to think – that they are just reporting the facts to me.

What I show them is that their feeling is what causes them to overspend or avoid their finances. And since their feeling comes from what they are thinking, they actually have more control than they think. I show them that they can feel however they want to feel about anything.

Take the example of buying gifts. We just got through the holiday season, a time of year where we’re focused on giving gifts. 

If we’re wanting to understand why we overspend during this time of year, we can look to how we feel or how we want to feel. 

When I give, it’s because I want to feel loving and generous.  

So many of my clients are incredibly generous women – you just love to love on people. You love seeing people enjoy themselves, you love giving the perfect gift so you can see the recipient’s face light up, you just love giving. When you give, you feel love, you feel generous, you feel joy. 

What I want you to see is that the feelings of love, generosity and joy that you feel are not coming from the giving. Those feelings are coming from thoughts that cause those emotions. The feeling of love might be coming from a thought like “I want to show my family how much I love them by getting them something that will bring them great joy.”

The feeling of generosity might come from a thought like “I get so much more out of giving than I do from getting gifts at Christmas.”

The feeling of joy might come from a thought like, “People really enjoy the gifts I get them and it makes me feel good to be able to do that for them.”

So you can see that we are incredibly generous because of how we think it will make us feel. That is rarely at a conscious level, but I want you to be aware of this because it can completely change your life when you realize this. 

When you realize that everything you do is because of how you feel or how you think it make you feel, you can manage those feelings — by managing your thoughts. When you manage your feelings by managing your thoughts, you in turn manage your actions that lead to your results. That lets you take control of your results. That lets you create whatever you want to create in your life.

That helps you stop worrying and stressing over money and get on with the business of allowing money into your life and directing that money to paying off your debt, saving for a home, quitting the job you hate so you can do something you love, or to starting your own business.

This is a game changer. How do you want to feel?  
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Twenty years ago, Jill Wright was in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Through focus and hard work, over the years she and her husband built a nest egg that allowed them to retire in 2018 at ages 50 and 53.

Jill heard God’s call to help other women repaint their own financial future and was eager to answer it. She left her corporate job and became a Financial Confidence Coach. Jill loves helping women give up shame around spending so that they can stop stressing about their money.

She helps strong generous women go from feeling weighed down by their finances to feeling in control so they can focus on being present and supporting their family.