Garbage In, Garbage Out

When you input data that is invalid, you get information that is not useful for making good decisions.

This is true in business and it’s also true in your brain. Data = thoughts and beliefs.

What is the source of the data that you are currently using to make decisions in your life?

What thoughts are you currently believing?

What decisions are those thoughts leading you to?

Think of yourself as a reporting system where source data goes in and reports come out. When you don’t validate the source data that is being used to build the report, there’s a strong possibility that the data will not be reliable. When you use unreliable or inaccurate data to build reports that leadership (e.g. you’re the leadership driving the decisions in your life) will then make about the organization (e.g. you and your family), you’re delivering reports that could lead to bad decisions.

We all have thoughts and beliefs that we haven’t validated. We’re using this unvalidated data to drive the decisions that lead to the results in our lives. Then we’re wondering why we’re not getting good results. It’s because of the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” We’re putting in bad data and expecting to get good reports that we can use to make good decisions.

How can you validate the “data” you’re using so that you can make better decisions, take better actions and experience better results?

You can validate the source of the data. You can test the data. You can make sure that the data you’re using to make decisions is reliable.

If you’re believing that what you do doesn’t matter, you can question that belief. Where is it coming from? Maybe it’s coming from fear that what you do won’t matter. Maybe it’s coming from a false interpretation of what you’ve heard others say about you or about someone like you. Maybe it’s coming from a lie that someone told about you. Is the source reliable? Is the data reliable? Has it been tested and proven reliable? 

When you believe things that have not been tested, believe things that have been taken out of context, believe things that don’t come from a reliable sources, you put garbage into your belief system. When you do that, what do you think will come out of that system?

How often do you question the data? How often do you test the source? What results are you experiencing because of your unquestioned thoughts and beliefs?

Being more aware of the data that you’re relying on along with gathering more reliable data will help you make better decisions in your life. When you make better decisions, you will experience better results.

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