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Ep 12: What’s the difference between the right decision and the wrong decision?

Show Notes

When is the last time you made the wrong decision? 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could NEVER make another wrong decision for the rest of your life? 

Well you’re in luck because that’s what I’m sharing on today’s podcast.

Improve your decision making by learning from my “wrong” decision, when I show you:

  • Why we get stuck in indecision and why it’s painful
  • Why it feels good to get out of indecision and why it doesn’t last
  • Why we make it the wrong decisions
  • How to make decisions
  • How we can always make any decision the right decision

Get more tools to help you practice making good decisions by visiting the MORE Resources page on my website, where you’ll find my Four Simple Keys to Making Good Decisions.

This toolkit will help you to stop making the wrong decisions in your business. Here’s a link to the toolkit, so go grab it to get more clarity, make good decisions so you can take more action.

Because YOU are MADE for MORE!

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