Does money fix everything?

I help amazing women who are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, despite making decent money. I teach them how to shift their mindset around the source of their stress. This transforms their life when they can go from feeling out of control with their money to feeling hopeful and confident.

After working on their mindset with the guidance I offer and the tools that I teach, they learn to see themselves as strong independent women that set a great example for their kids around how to be responsible with money. They see themselves as “masters with their finances” – this is what one of my clients now calls herself and yes, this is possible for you! 

Do you want to have more money? What will more money bring you? Freedom? Security? Peace? What will freedom bring you? Less stress? More joy?

What if it’s not the money that does that? Yes, money can provide you with flexibility and freedom, but what if you could generate that for yourself — without actually adding more money to your life? That’s the transformation that my clients experience. 

They go from stressing about money to creating a life that brings them joy and they learn how to create that joy, not from their money but from their mindset. This gives them the freedom and security that they have been craving. That’s not about the circumstance of moneyit’s about their mindset with money and how they think about the circumstances in their life.

For millionaires, it’s not the money that makes the difference in their lives. You can be a millionaire, you can have money in your circumstances, but not still not experience financial flexibility or freedom in your life.                               What ?!?!?! 
That’s right! Because even if you have money you’re still going to have to work on your thinking in order to experience the life you want. Because money is just a circumstance and your circumstances are not what makes you feel financial freedom; it’s not what causes you to feel secure. You can apply these tactical principles of what millionaires do to become millionaires, but that’s not necessarily going to lead to the results. That’s only going to lead to having money or assets. That’s how the math happens, but that’s not how the magic happens in your life. The magic happens when you manage your mind and CREATE the life that you want for yourself and your family.

I think we’ve all heard stories about people that seem to have everything taking their own lives. And I’ve spoken to people living on very little that have been very content and experiencing great abundance and gratitude in their lives. I talked to one lady that is living on around $20,000 a year. She is very content with her life. She believes she has everything she needs. Her greatest “problem” seemed to be the judgments from other people that have criticized her for living this way.

Money won’t make you happy. It will make you more of what you already are. So whatever you want to become, start there. As you become that person and as you create more money in your life, you will also create more of what you want in your life.

Now all you have to decide is this. Who do you want to become? And what do you want to create in your life? 

When you’re ready to start creating what you want in your life, let me know. I would love to help you take the next steps toward financial freedom. Book a free strategy session with me: Learn How to Create Financial Freedom

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