Do you trust yourself?

How can you make decisions in your new business when you don’t trust yourself?

I don’t think you can.

What does not trusting look like? The first indicator to me is how you talk to yourself. When you trust someone how do you talk to them? If you find yourself speaking words of shame or discouragement to yourself, you’ve probably stopped trusting yourself. The other common themes I see with my clients is spinning in indecision, then making decisions that they second-guess, spinning in regret or rationalizing decisions they regret.

How does this impact their business? It can result in lost productivity and erode confidence, which perpetuates the indecision, second-guessing and regret.

What questions are you asking? What if you’re the best one to answer these questions?

  • What should I invest in in my business?
  • Should I do FB ads?
  • Should I start a podcast?
  • How should I invest money in my business? How should I invest time in my business? How should I invest my energy?
  • Should I join a mastermind? Should I invest in coaching? How should I invest in myself as the owner and CEO of my business?
  • What should my niche be? Is this a good niche? Is it narrow enough? is it too narrow?
  • What social media platforms should I be on? What’s the best strategy?
  • Should I include my faith, my beliefs in my branding, my positioning, my message, my niche? How would I even do that?
  • How do I quit my full-time job so I can go all in on my business?

There are tons of questions we have as new entrepreneurs and when we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust God, when we don’t trust the process, we can get stuck there. Even when we make a decision, we continue to question it. We continue to let it drain resources away from our business.

Speaking from personal experience,  I was constantly second-guessing my ability to make good decisions. I was constantly getting stuck, becoming paralyzed in trying to figure out the “right” thing to do. It was because I wasn’t trusting myself.

I found this in my own business. For months, I went back and forth about spending the money on a group coaching program I was interested in. I thought it might help me and the price was reasonable, but only if I invested the time in working through the program and implementing what I learned.

What I FINALLY realized was that my brain wanted to be absolutely certain of the outcome before making the decision. I can’t be absolutely certain of the outcome in advance. But what I can do is make the decision and then I can decide that it is absolutely the best decision. I realized that I’m the one that determines it was the right decision because I make it the right decision. And when I take control of what I can do instead of focusing on what I can’t do, I do move forward and I impact my result.

Once I made the right decision, I moved on to the next thing I needed to do in my business, to the next decision I needed to make. I’m not saying it will never come up again for me, but every time it comes up, I can quickly make it the right decision and move forward. I don’t have to keep getting stuck there.

You can do this too, and you can do it in every area of your life. Whenever you don’t know the answer, you get to decide what is the best answer for you. You get to make that answer the best answer. You don’t have to second guess yourself, because you get to believe whatever you want to believe. You get to believe whatever leads to the best result for you.

Every. Single. Time.

And isn’t that the most amazing news ever. Just imagine – you will always be right, because you get to decide what the right answer is. You don’t have to burn up a bunch of energy worrying and doubting your decision. Instead you can use that energy for the good things that are going to come from implementing that decision.

Not only does that move you forward in your business, it also builds your confidence that you can indeed trust yourself.

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