Dave Ramsey Financial Success Stories Are Not Unicorns

Poor financial decision making is not a condition only of the poor and uninformed. It can affect anyone from any creed, color, socio economic status — anyone from any walk of life and any background.

I have an education in accounting. I earned my bachelors with a major in accounting and I went on to earn a masters of accounting. I passed the CPA exam on the first try. I have worked for a public accounting firm and two major corporations. My education and my accounting experience did not immunize me from making poor financial decisions. It did not keep me from overspending or a dysfunctional mindset around money. Anyone can be susceptible to mismanaging their finances – no one is immune. Everyone must be diligent and intentional in order to have confidence and to win with money.

I agree with the principles that Dave Ramsey teaches in his programs and his books. I don’t need to, or want to, reinvent the wheel when it comes to educating people on sound financial principles. These principles have helped millions learn how to win with money.

These principles have worked for millions of people … which might be exactly why if these principles haven’t worked for you, you probably think it’s because there is something wrong with you … or that there is something wrong with the principles … or that these principles don’t apply to your life and your set of circumstances.

It’s not you — there is nothing wrong with you … and it’s not the principles … and it’s not your circumstances.

It’s your brain. Your mindset with money. Your thinking.

I know this because I was able to shift my mindset, my thinking around money. I was able to leave behind my misconceptions about myself and about money. I was able to empower myself to win with money. And I can help you do it too. It’s a simple model, but it does take hard work and diligence. Anything worthwhile takes hard work and diligence. Nothing worthwhile comes easy – yes, in my experience, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam or there’s a catch.

Repeat after me, “It’s not me. I am not the reason that this hasn’t worked for me… yet.”

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