Result: Win With Money in 2019

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing what leads to our results because I’m trying to set you up to win with money in 2019. Whether you work with me, you work with another money coach or you take the information I’m giving you, I want to encourage you to just keep being open to move toward the relationship you want to have with money. That means:
  • Keep learning about money
  • Keep doing the right things
  • Keep working on your behavior
Do these things and you will win with money. 

I’ve said this many times, your thinking is what ultimately drives your results. Your circumstances don’t cause your feelings – it’s your thoughts about your circumstances that cause how you feel. 
Last week, I talked about how your feelings cause how you act, what you do. Everything you do is based on how you feel or how you want to feel or don’t want to feel.

This week I’m sharing how your actions lead to your results. If you think about being on a diet, it’s easy to see how this is true. What we eat leads to our weight results – how much physical activity leads to our physical fitness results. It’s the same with money – how much we make, how much money we bring in leads to our financial results, how much we spend leads to our financial results. Going into debt leads to our financial results.

But what does this look like in our bank accounts?

What are you committed to? Are you committed to increasing your bank account? If you aren’t, then that’s probably why you haven’t achieved it.

If you picture a cheetah chasing down a gazelle, a cheetah is much faster than a gazelle – a cheetah is the fastest mammal on the planet. So you would think that every time a cheetah chases a gazelle, the gazelle loses. But sometimes, the gazelle gets away.

I’ve seen clips where the cheetah just gives up and the gazelle runs off to live another day. Why is this? It’s about their compelling reason. The gazelle’s compelling reason is to not get eaten – a very compelling reason indeed! The cheetah’s reason – to get something to eat, one thing among many potential options – is not nearly as compelling. 

When you want to reach your goals, when you want to achieve a specific result, whether it’s to lose ten pounds or to improve your relationship with money so that you can stop stressing about money and be present in the things that you really value above all else in your life, it also comes down to your compelling reason and your thinking.

When your actions don’t lead to the results you want, don’t look to the actions, look to what you’re thinking. If you want to feel committed to change your relationship with money, what will you need to believe in order to feel committed? What thought, what belief, makes you feel committed to that result?

When you find the thought that is right for you, you will know because you will feel committed. When you find that thought that makes you feel committed, practice believing that. Every day. Multiple times a day. When you feel committed, the actions will come, which means the results will come, and they will come without you worrying about the how.

How do you want to feel about your goals?

What do you need to believe to feel that way?

Find that and you will find your way to achieving your goal. 
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Twenty years ago, Jill Wright was in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Through focus and hard work, over the years she and her husband built a nest egg that allowed them to retire in 2018 at ages 50 and 53.

Jill heard God’s call to help other women repaint their own financial future and was eager to answer it. She left her corporate job and became a Financial Confidence Coach. Jill loves helping women give up shame around spending so that they can stop stressing about their money.

She helps strong generous women go from feeling weighed down by their finances to feeling in control so they can focus on being present and supporting their family.