How Much Good Can You Do In The World?

How much good could you do in the world …
if you were willing to drop your story about money?

What’s the story you’re telling yourself about money?
“I’m not about the money. I’m just about giving.”
When you believe this story about money, how do you think you’re going to be able to give at the highest level if you’re not willing to receive money in your life at the highest level?
“Wealthy people are greedy.”
When you believe this story about money, how do you think your brain is going to reconcile you becoming wealthy? It won’t. Your brain is highly intelligent – it won’t let you become wealthy when you believe the story that wealthy people are greedy unless it also believes that being greedy is a desirable trait. Ask yourself, how is this money belief leading me to my financial goals? Ask yourself, if you were wealthy, what would you do with your wealth?
“Money is evil.”
When you believe this story about money, your brain is going to resist money. How will that serve you as you try to receive money into your life. Ask yourself why you believe this story. There are a number of people in the Bible that God fully blessed with wealth and yet many of them had a very strong faith and a strong relationship with God. If it were true that money is evil, why would God bless them with wealth? Think of Job, a very godly man who was very wealthy. He lost everything and gained it all back again double.
Money is completely neutral. What is evil are intentions. If you have evil intentions, this will be true with or without money. If you have good intentions, this will be true with or without money. The difference is that with good intentions and the ability to receive money into your life, you will be able to use it to do good in the world and glorify God through all He has blessed you with.
You can do this same exercise with any story you tell yourself about money. If you get stuck on one, reach out to me at
The more you question your beliefs about money, the more open you can be to ways to receive money and create value that will create money and the more good you will be able to do in the world.
So tell me, How much good can you do in the world?

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Twenty years ago, Jill Wright was in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Through focus and hard work, over the years she and her husband built a nest egg that allowed them to retire in 2018 at ages 50 and 53.

Jill heard God’s call to help other women repaint their own financial future and was eager to answer it. She left her corporate job and became a Financial Confidence Coach. Jill loves helping women give up shame around spending so that they can stop stressing about their money.

She helps strong generous women go from feeling weighed down by their finances to feeling in control so they can focus on being present and supporting their family.