Money Lies

I recently launched a podcast called MONEY LIES.

It’s about my zone of genius …. No, my zone of genius is not lying.
Lying is not something I’ve ever been good at.
Believing lies? That’s a different story.

Which is how I became an expert at exposing the money lies that hold us back, that keep us from showing up to build the business we want, that keep us from doing the work we love (that doesn’t feel like work) and that keep us from making the money we’re meant for.

It’s quite ironic that it took me this long to start a podcast and that the reason it took me so long was that I myself was believing one such money lie.

Fortunately for me (and for you),  I have a great coach that exposed the lie, so I can now help you expose the lies you’re believing that keep you stuck, that keep you from reaching the people you’re meant to help.

The lie I was believing is
“Podcasts are hard and they take a lot of time and commitment.”

Turns out that is NOT true. Podcasts are actually fun! Who knew!?!

So, here’s the challenge I have for you to work on:

What lies are you believing that are holding you back?
What lies are keeping you from the MORE you’re made for?

Check out my podcast!

I’ll be exposing all the lies.
The ones I’ve believed,
The ones my clients have believed,
And the ones my featured guests have believed,
in upcoming episodes!

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