When It Comes To Building A Business, You Know Nothing. So What?

Knowledge is power

Compared to all the knowledge in the world that there is about building a business, you don’t know a speck.

So what?

They say “Knowledge is power”

But you already have power.

So why do you think you need more knowledge?

What is knowledge?

One Definition of knowledge is:

acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique

Another definition is

the fact or condition of being aware of something

How much knowledge,

how much acquaintance,

how much understanding,

how much awareness,

would you need to have in order to have “enough”?

How would you quantify that?

As women, we have a strong need to feel secure.

It makes us feel more secure to have more knowledge and experience.

We like having lots of cushion.

It softens the blow.

But the only reason that we would need to soften the blow is if we’re planning for our business to fail. And the only way you can truly fail is to quit.

Think about that. Why else would you need so much cushion?

You don’t need more knowledge to do what you’re meant to do in the world.

You don’t need anything outside of yourself to help who you are meant to help.

Knowledge in and of itself is not where your power lies.

Your power lies in the knowledge that you can believe in yourself, the knowledge that you can trust yourself, and the knowledge that you can rely on yourself.

You have all the power you need in order to make a difference.

You are already capable.

You have been called to a specific purpose.

Whatever you don’t have right now you will become aware of at precisely the right time. Whatever you’re not aware of you don’t yet need.

He doesn’t call those that are already equipped.

He equips those that He calls.

God works on a Just in Time system.

Whatever you need, He delivers “just in time” for you to use it.

You ARE enough.

You have enough.

You are MORE than capable.

Go and do what you’re called to do.

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