What are you worth?

When did you first notice your limited money mindset?

I didn’t know what it was at the time or that it would keep me from making money, but I first noticed mine when I did a 9-day intensive workshop with Byron Katie that I fondly refer to as “my journey back to myself”.

That’s where I realized I was believing the thought, “I am not enough.”

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What is fear robbing you of?

How does a scarcity mindset rob you of your best self, your best life and your best contributions?

That’s what I’ll be talking about this week as part of a Self Care Summit that Day 7 (https://www.day-7.org/), one of my favorite nonprofits, is hosting.

In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about what scarcity mindset robs us of. Scarcity mindset breeds fear. Fear can rob us of so many things.

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