Are you prepared to fund a dream?

I want you to imagine the dreams you have for your family.

Are there dreams that God has put on your heart?

Does your son or daughter have a dream that is developing in them right now?

We have been at the Little League World Series this week. It made me think of all the kids that must have dreamed of being here in South Williamsport, PA during this two weeks of tournament games leading up to the Championship game on Sunday, August 25.

Imagine that your son or daughter had the opportunity to go to the Little League World Series. What would it cost? Would you be able to afford to take the time off work? What would you do? How would you pay for the travel? Would you take the whole family to support the one that was fortunate enough to qualify for such an experience?

When I was 11 or 12 years old, if I had the opportunity for such an amazing experience, my family would not have been able to afford for me to go, let alone the rest of the family. I can only imagine what it would have been like to have worked so hard to get good enough to do that only to learn that it wasn’t possible, at least not for me.

I recently listened to a podcast where the host talked about having the opportunity to ski on an Olympic team, only to learn that he couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity because his family couldn’t afford it. I can only imagine how devastating that might be — to work hard at something you’re so passionate about and to become successful, so successful that you are invited to compete on a world stage, then to have to say goodbye to that opportunity.

What we don’t realize is that some of us say goodbye to opportunities every day. There are all kinds of opportunities every day that we might come across that, for various reasons, we say no to. I can think of a number of opportunities that have come my way throughout my life that I said no to. I remember the regret that my mom felt about not going to college. You can probably think of opportunities in your life that you passed on.

If your son or daughter have an amazing opportunity, whether it’s the Little League World Series, the Olympics, or even just higher education, are you financially prepared to give them an unconditional yes? Are you in a position to be able to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or to help one of your children take advantage of this type of opportunity?

What would you do right now if an opportunity like this came along? How would you respond?  What can you do right now to be better prepared for an opportunity like this? As you read this you might be thinking to yourself that you don’t have anything on the horizon that you need to be prepared for. How do you know that for sure? We don’t always have advance notice of these types of opportunities. Imagine how you might feel if an amazing opportunity for you or your kids came up and you weren’t prepared to say yes? What would that mean to you and your family?

I have a friend that started out as a client when I was first getting certified. She wasn’t planning for any opportunities. She’s in her 60’s, she’s divorced, her kids are grown, she doesn’t have a lot of family. When I started coaching her, she would probably have told me that she didn’t need to plan for anything like that.

She didn’t have an opportunity, but she did have a few things come up that she definitely didn’t expect. One of them was a problem with her home. It resulted in some major renovations. Some of the cost was covered by insurance, but some of the cost had to come out of savings, savings she had earmarked for retirement. 

Then she had a health scare. She found a lump in her breast. She had a biopsy that turned out to be negative, but had it been positive, she would have had to take off an extended amount of time from work for her recovery. She was not financially prepared for this.

So, things come up — opportunities to experience freedom. Do you want to feel the peace of knowing that you can handle it? Do you want to feel confident in your ability to handle whatever comes up in your life?

It is possible. You can handle it. How do I know? Because every single one of my clients has been significantly more capable than they ever gave themselves credit for. I have been significantly more capable than I ever gave myself credit for. What if you’re significantly more capable of what you’re giving yourself credit for? What could you be missing out on?

I want you to be in a position to respond to your financial situation with confidence. I want you to feel freedom in making financial decisions, taking advantage of opportunities that come up. I want you to feel peace responding to challenges in your life. What do you want?

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