Ever get tired of hearing “The ‘HOW’ doesn’t matter”?

Intellectually, I KNOW why people say “The ‘HOW’ doesn’t matter.” BUT … my brain still resists. It still wants to know the how. It wants to know the “right” way. It doesn’t want to do something five times. It doesn’t want to figure it out. It wants to do it right the first time.


Am I right? How many of you gave that a big “AMEN!!”?

Could it be possible that we’re going about this time thing all wrong?

I noticed something recently that I just had to share. And I think this will have a HUGE impact on my life and my business.

I felt stuck on an assignment that was due for my copywriting certification course. I had it on my calendar to complete, but when it was time to work on it, I didn’t want to. What kept coming up were thoughts like these:
I don’t know how.
I don’t know how to get started on this assignment.
I’m confused.
I’m not sure what they want this to look like.
What if what I do isn’t right and they send back to do it over?

Sound familiar at all?

Here’s what I saw happen in my brain.

When I didn’t want to do the assignment, it was because in that moment, I was believing the thought my brain offered me that I don’t know how. My brain defaults to this thought A LOT.

What I normally do is resist doing it, get distracted, do things that aren’t on my calendar, avoid the assignment, buffer, get sidetracked, get up from my desk 5 or 20 times … anything but work on the assignment.

I procrastinate until the last minute, then rush to get it done, turn in C- work, which doesn’t pass, then have to correct it and turn it in again. Which is what my brain was ultimately resisting – how I would feel when I got it back and didn’t pass. Which is why it didn’t want to do it. Which is why it tricked me into believing I didn’t know how.

Avoiding the assignment, resisting, buffering, procrastinating doesn’t serve me. I have learned that. And I’m now on to my brain, so I noticed my brain going there.

But this time I didn’t take the bait. This time I did something I don’t usually do when my brain offer me that thought. I didn’t believe it. And when I didn’t believe it, I didn’t procrastinate. Instead of resisting, I persisted. Every time I got distracted or sidetracked or unfocused, I brought myself back to the present. I decided that it didn’t matter if I knew how or not. I decided that I would get it done anyway. I decided I would sit there and figure it out.

And guess what? I did figure it out. I completed the assignment, just like my calendar said I would do.

How did I do it?

I made it non-negotiable.

That flipped the switch for me. When my brain showed up with the default thought I don’t know how, I was ready with the questions, What do you know? What could you figure out? What do you want to do about it?

I answered those questions, which it turns out was enough to complete the assignment. And guess what else? The quality of the product was so much better than when I procrastinate.

The next time your brain offers you that thought, or one like it, you get to decide what you’ll believe. And what you believe is what really matters.

Want more time? Want to know how? Want to make MORE money in your business?

Look at what you’re believing.

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