Why would you want a scarcity mindset?


When you have a scarcity mindset you see all the problems. You see what you don’t have.

When you have an abundance mindset you see all the solutions. You see what you have ….. AND ….. What you have is enough.

Clients come to me with a scarcity mindset and through one-on-one coaching and learning the tools and techniques I teach, they learn now uncover their abundance mindset. It was there all along – they just needed help recognizing it. It was buried under the layers of limitations they were putting on themselves, behind the problems they were so focused on.

We all have a scarcity mindset. It’s within all of us.

The primitive part of our brain was designed that way. The reason it was designed that way is to help us survive. It makes sense, right? As we evolve, it becomes less and less necessary to have a scarcity mindset in order to survive, but in Human version 1.0, a scarcity mindset was critical. Seeing all the problems helped us prepare our defenses, devise strategies to overcome dangerous situations, react to sudden danger — all in order to survive. Focusing on what we didn’t have, Human version 1.0 could plan in advance to have enough food, enough water, enough of the basic needs to survive. Thank God for such a great design — it has helped the human race get this far.

So scarcity mindset has definitely been useful. However, in situations or times when survival is not an issue, scarcity mindset can hinder us.

Looking for all the problems keeps us from moving forward, it keeps us from maximizing. our potential. When we focus on the problems, we often stay stuck in our limitations. We feel defeated, we feel discouraged, and we lose hope.

What I want you to know is this: if this is where you are, you don’t have to stay here.


This is the amazing thing!

Your brain is also designed to help you thrive. Today we have a higher part of our brain that allow us access an abundance mindset. When we use our higher brain (our rational brain) to access our abundance mindset, it’s like standing on a mountaintop.

From this higher perspective, you can see the lay of the land. You might still see some obstacles, but they’re no longer threatening because you can also see the way around them. Or you might see that it really isn’t an obstacle when you view it from this perspective. You see more opportunities than limitations, more solutions than problems, more advantages than obstacles.

You see what you have instead of what you don’t have. This is great news! 

Because what you focus on is you get more of.

When you focus on problems, you get more of those.

But when you focus on solutions you find more of those.

What are you focused on?

How often do you access your abundance mindset?

Being more aware of what you’re focused on can help you take control of your life and your finances.

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