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Who here loves to dream BIG? 

Who here loves to plan big?

Who here feels like they have it all together and needs no help making their BIG dreams come true?

Not me — I love to dream BIG, but somewhere along the way, I always manage to find a way to get stuck. Not just stuck, but mud up to the door handles stuck!

Whether it’s connecting to a powerful and abundant money mindset, connecting to your BIG dreams or connecting to your clients, it’s great to be able to connect with people that can help you keep going so you can make it happen. 

My guest on today’s episode is one of those people!

Deidrea Kiesling is the CEO & Founder of The Dream Academy, where she empowers women to transform their lives and businesses by tapping into their dreams and visions and then creating a plan to make it happen. 

Formerly a corporate consultant and project manager, Deidrea pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a motivational speaker and coach and is now inspiring and coaching other women to step out of the status quo of life and to follow their dreams. 

She also hosts The Success Minded Woman Podcast where she shares the tools, strategies, and mindset and the latest of neuroscience, coaching, and habit building to help you harness the power of your mind and create the confidence to take action and bring your dreams into reality.
Check out Deidrea’s podcast here: The Success Minded Woman
Find out more about working with Deidrea in her Dream Academy


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