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Ever wonder why you don’t have what you want? 

It all comes down to CONNECTION. 

In Episode 47, I’m sharing what that means along with the three steps to get what you want in this delightful conversation with my friend and colleague Kristi Falany. 

Kristi is a certified life and trauma informed coach, a podcaster, a teacher and a reinventor of midlife. She firmly believes that 50 and beyond can be the best years of your life. Kristi is a mom, a wife, and the best life coach for women over 50 who want midlife and beyond to be the best part of their life. 

Kristi shares, “I wasn’t always like this. Ever since my own reinvention, years ago, I am full of energy, passion, and enthusiasm to serve and improve the lives of everyone I meet by showing them how reinvention and some simple tools can completely change your life.”

She helps people connect with who they authentically want to be for the rest of their life without apology or guilt.

Connect with Kristi at @kristi_themidlife_coach or visit her website at

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Welcome to EASY MONEY. I’m Jill the Money Coach. I know what it’s like to push through to white knuckle it to put in the