If you really wanted to make money, you would ….


How healthy is your money mindset?
How committed are you to your emotional health?
How consistently do you visualize achieving your goals?
What are you willing to feel in order to get what you want in your business?

Every day, I do a thought download. I journal what’s on my mind.
I coach myself on what comes up.

Today, I felt like I had a breakthrough.

But before I get to that, I need to give you some context around my breakthrough.

I’m a money mindset coach – for other coaches. Why?

Like my clients, I’ve struggled with achieving a limiting money mindset. I know what they’re going through. And I know how detrimental it can be when left unaddressed.

When you don’t have a healthy money mindset, it runs like an undercurrent through everything you do. How do I know this? Because I see it firsthand. I see it in my past. I see it in the women I coach.

They use a lot of mental energy on money.

Even when they’re avoiding it, it’s running in the background, like that annoying hum of the refrigerator running
(cue the memories of prank calls – you better go catch it 😀 ).

They’re worried about money.
They’re scared to coach on money objections.
They feel sleazy when they try to sell their programs or market to the people that need them.
They feel like there’s never enough money.
They overwork and under earn – always trying to do more, but always afraid of charging too much.

I get it. I used to be the picture of my typical client. And the undercurrent of a limiting money mindset runs very deep. My limiting beliefs still sometimes surface and get me stuck.

That’s why I loved my self-coaching from this morning.

Let me tell you about my breakthrough.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal:

What’s coming up?
I don’t think hustle and grind is the answer for me.
What is the answer?
Slow and steady wins the race.
Just keep serving my people.
Just keep accessing the resources I have.
What am I capable of?
I’m capable of anything.
What is God capable of?God is capable of everything.
What am I asking for?
I’m asking for a miracle million.
What’s the downside of believing for this?
I don’t have to know the how, because God knows the how.
I just have to keep going.

Then I wrote this model (for anyone that’s not familiar with Brooke Castillo’s Model, email me at help@jillwrightcoaching.com and I will explain it to you free)

C: Rolling 12-month income

T: Nothing can stop me.

F. Invincible

A: Create a name for myself, show up as an expert on money mindset, create results, tell people about the results, help people create their own results

R: I generate $1 M in revenue in my biz

Now that’s a pretty good session of self coaching when you end up feeling INVINCIBLE (cue song)!!

And I came away with a new useful thought for my thought bank.

But, the self-coaching session wasn’t quite over.

My brain is a bit of a realist, so the first place it went was, “Okay, Jill. Time to get real. You’re not going to walk around feeling invincible, so how is this going to get you to $1 million in your business?”

I realize that I’m not always going to feel invincible. Life is 50/50 (50% positive and 50% negative) and the only problem with it being 50% negative is that I think it’s a problem because I don’t like to feel the negative.

If I’m truly going to make the money I want to make in my business, I need to learn how to feel negative and still get to work, feel negative and still sell my program, feel negative and still show up on social media.

I want to make the money. I want to help the people. I want to make a difference. And I want to be generous.

And, of course, I want to be invincible.

The catch is: In order to do all these things (make money, help people, make a difference, be generous, be invincible), I have to be willing to feel anything.

Here are some of the things I’m willing to feel:


What I figured out in my self-coaching is that if I want to feel invincible, I also need to be comfortable feeling every other negative emotion.

What are you willing to feel in order to make the money you’re meant to make?

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