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Don’t Sabotage the Success of Your Business

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What’s the relationship you have with Money like?
Do you find yourself spinning when it’s time to make decisions?
How often do you feel the full force of self-judgment?

These are the symptoms of Money Lies. You’re not alone – many coaches struggle with this. I used to.

When the foundation of your business is built on lies, it will be tough to sustain a successful business. You’ll continue to sabotage your success.

When you expose the lies, you can build a strong, secure foundation without the limited money mindset that’s holding you back.

Get a FREE copy of my BESTSELLING book, so you can learn:

  • How to coach your consults on money objections without feeling sleazy. Once you learn this secret, you’ll feel more secure making offers
  • Why you feel awkward coaching on objections and how to stop avoiding them
  • How to carry the positive energy of the call all the way through the offer and the objection part of the consult
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