Ep 14: Let Your True Identity Shine

In this episode, I share my thoughts on who you are and who you’re becoming.

What’s hiding your true identity and keeping you from making more money as a coach are the lies that you believe about yourself and about money. I have space right now in my program and nothing would make me happier than to help you expose those lies and uncover the truth about who you are as an entrepreneur and a coach.

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Ep 13: Questions About Money

How can kids be so confident?
How can they believe in anything?
Kids have zero evidence that they can do anything.
They have no area of expertise; they are lacking in knowledge and experience.

They have every reason NOT to believe and yet they do. How is that possible?

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Ep 11: What does it take to make money?

What does it really take to make the money you want to make as a coach?

It takes a shift. In your identity. In your belief.

In this episode, I expose another lie that keeps coaches from making the money they want.
But that’s not how you get unstuck. How you get unstuck is by asking for help from a trusted professional.

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Ep 9: Give Your Brain Problems

What problems do you have in your business that you need to solve?

What if you could just hand them over and have someone else solve them for you?

Learn how to do that in this episode.

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