Avoid The Top Three Mistakes in Goal Setting

Think about the reasons you didn’t meet some goal you set.

What are some of the reasons that come to mind?

Let’s get you equipped to avoid the top three mistakes people make when setting and reaching their goals.

The #1 mistake:
They set a goal based on what they believe they can achieve, not on what they really, really want.

If you keep shooting for what you already know how to get, how will you achieve the MORE you’re meant for? If you already knew how to get everything you want, you would already have it.

When you don’t shoot for MORE, you don’t get it. Always shoot for MORE than you know how to get. You shouldn’t know the path to get there, because you haven’t invented it yet.

The #2 mistake:
They don’t plan to fail.

Chances are pretty good if you don’t know the path to get there yet, you’re going to take a few wrong turns. When you don’t plan for this, you’ll get discouraged. You’ll feel defeated. You’ll want to give up. You’ll probably stop believing.

I love this Mike Tyson quote, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Plan to get punched in the face. Plan to get knocked down. Plan to do a face plant in the mud.

Then plan your strategy for getting back up and figuring out what to try next.

What will you believe when what you try doesn’t work?
What will you do for this setback or that setback?
How will you strengthen your resolve and your relationship with yourself when things don’t go the way you wanted?

The #3 mistake:
They don’t recognize and celebrate what they’re doing on the way to the goal

When you set out on a goal, it’s not one-dimensional. Think about all the actions, emotions, beliefs that will go into the process of achieving that goal. Which of those can you be intentional about? Which of these can you practice? What can you measure and track and evaluate along the way?

What are all the dimensions of the goal you’ve set? How can you use these different dimensions to focus more intentionally on the goal?

Maybe you can set milestones that you want to achieve on the way to that goal and you can set deadlines for those things. Celebrate meeting the deadline.

Perhaps there are certain activities that need to happen consistently along the way. Celebrate meeting those expectations for consistency. For example, if you need to post every day to social media, you can track and accumulate “points” for the number of days in a row you post. Celebrate reaching thresholds along the way. Like when you’ve reached 10 days in a row, 21 days in a row, etc.

What if you know that the emotion of determined is the best fuel for you? How can you celebrate when you spend more time living in that emotion than you live in a frustrated state?

What you focus on is what you get more of. How can you focus on what you want? One way is the acknowledge it, recognize the accomplishment and celebrate it. “Live” in the energy of accomplishing that goal more often than you live in the setbacks and you will get more wins.

What is one thing you’ll implement today to avoid the top three mistakes in setting and achieving goals? I want to hear what you’re doing. Post in comments or tag me on Facebook or Instagram at @JillWrightCoaching.

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