EASY MONEY in 30 Days

Get Thirty Days of Coaching

You’ve tried to work on money, but the habit doesn’t stick.


You think you should be able to figure this out yourself.


You also know how the brain works and how powerful coaching can be.


What if now is the right time to finally get help from an expert?


Who could you be with money 30 days from now?

What Can We Accomplish in 30 Days?

Stop thinking making money has to be hard.


Stop worrying about money.


Pay off debt – both financial and emotional debt.


Stop feeling overwhelmed in your business.


Design a CLEAR path to being successful and good with money.


Learn SIMPLE strategies to make money easier.


Learn how to have a fun and easy relationship with money.


It’s ONLY $297!

Join us May 2 – May 31, 2022

This is YOUR chance.

Get thirty days of coaching with Jill The Money Coach.


Make better decisions in your business.


Stop worrying about money.


Experience the FREEDOM of running your own business.

This is the first time I’ve offered something like this.


You ever have an idea you KNOW you HAVE to try, just for FUN?


I don’t know if I’ll do this again, but I knew I had to try it once.


I know so many coaches who don’t feel in control of their money.


That’s why right now it’s just $297!

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Powerful Questions

I help you Make MONEY Easy. Are you READY?

What You Get:

Brainstorming with Jill The Money Coach

Daily Coaching (Live on Zoom or Office Hours) 

Daily Powerful Questions

Access to the Make MONEY Easy community

Weekly Worksheets


All that you get is worth so much more than the price of admission,
which, by the way, is only $12,000

The REAL reason to apply is for the GROWTH you’ll experience.


The EXPONENTIAL growth is so much more valuable than the money you’ll make. 


Growth compounds over time.

Growth leads to FREEDOM.


And freedom leads to true ABUNDANCE.

About Jill The Money Coach

Jill The Money Coach in Doorway

Jill The Money Coach is a former CPA who, ironically, wasn’t always great with money.

She didn’t always feel like she belonged. She didn’t always feel successful.

When she found coaching, her life was multiplied beyond her wildest dreams.

When coaches learn to trust themselves, show up as 100% who they are and unlimit their Money Mindset,
they MULTIPLY the MIRACLES in their life and their business. 

Her unique approach of detecting and exposing Money Lies helps women
MASTER Their Money and Step into Their POWER
to transform lives and leave a legacy that is MORE than they could ask or imagine.

After working with her, you can’t help but leave as a completely different person.


Multiply your business to match the BIG DREAMS you’re afraid to say out loud.
Deep down you know you’re
TRUST yourself
Claim your FUTURE

Orchid Representing Growth


Blossom into the person who achieves all her BIG goals and dreams.
Don’t settle for a life or business
that’s smaller than you deserve.
You don’t have to sacrifice your family for your business – you can grow both.

Women Supporting Each Other


You don’t have to do this alone.
We’re all in this together.
Wishing your business EASIER?
Your wish has been granted.
Come grow your business with us
– it’s fun and energizing.

And There’s MORE … 

Unlimited SUPPORT from Jill as well as support from the amazing group of participants and guest experts

Because the Alliance is by application only, Jill will ensure a diverse group that will complement each other

Challenges each month to encourage MAXIMUM growth through less effort and energy

Access to everything Jill’s learning from her own coaches and her own journey to GROWTH

HELP accessing the best parts of you to sell to your audience 

Get MORE done in and on your business when you tap into the ENERGY of the Group!

Everything you want in your business …
The clients you wanted to help …
The impact you wanted to have …
The money you wanted to make … 
Everything in your business is impacted by your Limited Money Mindset
Jill is a MASTER at detecting Money Lies.
What are Money Lies?
They’re the sneaky stories you believe about you and about money that run in the background like a computer virus.
These Money Lies go undetected and unquestioned because they become part of who you are and you’re not even aware of them. 
Clients are stunned at her masterful detection of Money Lies sabotaging them.
Don’t let Money Lies steal the business and life you desire so deeply.
Don’t let Money Lies convince you that you’re the problem.
Immerse yourself in the support and confidence Jill brings to EVERYTHING.
Get access to her knowledge, wisdom and experience that will …
ELEVATE your business


Absolutely not! You can join any time in May. You’ll get immediate access to the replays from calls that have already happened and access to upcoming calls throughout the month of May. 

Plus you’ll get to stay in the group indefinitely, so you’ll have access to reference anything we did in the group. From worksheets to resources to replays, from daily powerful questions to written coaching and wisdom from Jill The Money Coach, it will continue to be available to you in the Make Money Easy Community.

There is coaching every day. Mondays at 11 am CT; Wednesdays & Fridays at 1 pm CT, there is Live Coaching on Zoom. Tuesdays at 1 pm CT & Thursdays at 11 am CT, there is written coaching in Mighty Networks during Office Hours.

This is be the general schedule; however, the full details are available in Mighty Networks when you sign up and are subject to change.

Replays will be posted after each Live Call. You may submit coaching requests in advance and we will try to cover all requests on the call. Being on the live calls is recommended, so you can get coached in real time. This is where the most powerful breakthroughs happen.

How you think about one thing is how you think about most things. It doesn’t matter what you decide to work on in this 30 days, it will impact other areas. You can start with personal, and I will show you where that’s showing up in your business. Or we can start with business and I will show you how it’s showing up in your personal finances. It doesn’t matter where you start.

This is for coaches who want to:

  1. Reinvent their identity with money.
  2. Make more money
  3. Charge more money, but can’t develop the confidence to sell the new price
  4. Manage their money better
  5. Pay off debt
  6. Have a better relationship with money
  7. Stop avoiding money
  8. Feel better when they handle their money
  9. Stop being intimidated by all things money

It’s for coaches who want to stop letting their limiting money beliefs limit them.

It’s for coaches who want to be part of a group working on scarcity thinking.

It’s for coaches who want to learn to spot scarcity thinking in their own clients.

It’s for coaches who want a better relationship with themselves, who want to trust their decisions and have their own back.

There is nothing to lose — if you’re not happy with what I’ve provided you throughout the month, I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

This is for you if…

You want to make MORE money, not do more

You know your ideal client really well 

You get energized & thrive in a group setting

You want to level up in an aligned way 

You want to be a room that will grow you

This is NOT for you if…

You don’t know what your ideal business is

You’re not sure you want MORE money

You want someone to tell you what to do

You haven’t found anything that works yet

You’re intimidated in a group setting

Join us May 2 – May 31, 2022

I’ll see you there!